Overcoming Sales Objections

I have plenty of experience overcoming sales objections in my years as an online entrepreneur and coach.

Want my biggest tip for overcoming money and price objections?

Wait for it…

(Have a guess?)

My biggest tip is:


My biggest tip for overcoming money objections is to STOP trying to overcome them.

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Stop Overcoming Sales Objections

Overcoming objections is less about rationalizing with people and more about getting to know the root of their mindset issues.

We all have money beliefs that might have shaped our views of money negatively and we are all affected by fear. Instead of rationalizing with an objection, we need to be truthful with people.

Why You Should Stop Overcoming Sales Objections

Understand Underlying Truth

Usually the real objection isn’t exactly what the potential client might be verbalizing.

It is your job as the sales person to listen to them articulate their problem and interpret how your solution meets their needs. Then you have to get that message across.

You Can Argue With Anything

Any argumentative point has a counter. Any objection can be argued, reasoned and rationalized. So don’t try to argue or use their own brand of logic.

It’s not about coming up with the best argument. It’s about really understanding what’s going on underneath the surface.

Money Is Always An Obstacle

In general, with bi life decisions, it’s never going to feel like “the right time.” We always feel busy, we don’t like change and most people are not naturally inclined to feel financially secure even if tey are wealthy.

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Here’s the deal: if someone needs convincing, for whatever reason, they’ll always say they don’t have enough money.

It’s the go-to, standby, c0ckbl*ck that everyone who sells something experiences. So your job here is to dig. Ask for their financial statements! …

Lovingly Challenge People

But seriously, you need to dig – in a “Because you’re a friend and I care about you, I want to challenge you” – kind of way.

Because here’s the real deal:

Many people have an idea of what you charge, or you’ve given them a heads up. So if they reach out to you and then hesitate with a “money” objection? Something else is going on.

Maybe they’ve invested in themselves before and it didn’t go well. (But you have what they needed this whole time, so let them know you’re here for them.)

Overcoming Fear

Maybe they’re afraid of what their friends or family will think.

(Which you totally get by the way, because most entrepreneurs are a little crazy, right?)

Maybe they’re so afraid they will fail that they’ll never make back their investment.

(Which, if they stick with it, they canNOT fail. You’ve experienced this fear too and can pump them up about themselves!)

Or maybe they actually have a lot of debt, their situation is dire, they can’t get a loan if their life depended on it, did a fundraiser just to buy rice and beans, and they need a low barrier to entry job ASAP (holla pizza delivery and Uber!)

Get To Know People

But before you make assumptions, spend a few patient moments asking more about their story, their goals, what’s “hurting”…

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And then you can easily explain how what YOU have will solve a lot of problems for them.

It can be light hearted and easy, and whether you make the sale or not? You’ll both feel connected and heard. And it’ll be a lot more interesting than money.

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