Overcoming Limiting Beliefs For Bloggers

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs For Bloggers

As a blogger I did not hear the terms limiting belief or success mindset until a few years ago, so I had no idea I needed help overcoming limiting beliefs for bloggers.

Even then, it all sounded a bit WOO WOO to me.

If I took the right actions repeatedly, wouldn’t I naturally just succeed and grow increasingly more?

Nope, wrong.

BECAUSE: your thinking impacts your action so profoundly.

How Limiting Beliefs Hurt Your Blogging Success Mindset

I am a very confident person. Sometimes introverted, but very comfortable.

I’m also usually pretty confident in my business. BUT, that doesn’t mean I don’t struggle.

For a few years now my blogs and businesses have been my passions and bring me tons of gratification and joy…

Certainly someone like me, who SEEMS comfortable and capable, does not have mental roadblocks sabotaging my blogging career…

But limiting beliefs and mindset are insidious, and it takes constant effort and intention to dig deep and do work.

Over and over after I’d have a new success, it would immediately be followed by a massive struggle. Self doubt, etc. And that right there? Comes from limiting beliefs, which would impact my action and decrease my sales.

Sales is a transfer of confidence.

If you’re not confident – you won’t sell your stuff. If you have limiting beliefs, you’ll struggle with confidence.

What Are Limiting Beliefs?

We all grow up with different backgrounds, childhoods, experiences, all of that jazz.

And our experiences impress negatively or positively on our brains.

These experiences and the way they make us feel start to create roadmaps for our lives. So after we touch a hot stove, we remember next time how much that sucked.

But there are other instances in life where the roadmaps that we built for ourselves get outdated and need to be repaved.

For example, when I am a kid it’s really important to listen to my parent’s instructions.

But if I am a 35 year old married adult this idea does not serve me quite so well. So I have to update my road map, because I don’t have to default to my parent’s all the time anymore.

A limiting belief is an old idea that no longer serves us, and in fact is actually holding us back from progressing and building successful blogging careers.

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs For Bloggers

As bloggers we face all kinds of roadblocks with limiting beliefs.

And as a blogging coach I hear it all the time.

There are a lot of people out there that think that blogging is dead. People think that the internet is too inundated, every space is too competitive and it’s too late to get in the game.

(But I am here to tell you that is a lie.)

And really when you think about the overall lifespan of the Internet, we’re still in the baby stages even though to us it feels like “forever.” (But only a few years really!)

Blogging is not dead. I quit my full time job this year for blogging and so did several of my clients.

“My Blogging Niche Is Too Competitive”

This is one of the most common limiting beliefs for bloggers that I hear. One minimalist mom blogger feels like a tiny fish in a sea of really talented, amazing bloggers who have established platforms. But she got traffic to a brand new blog and had 400k followers on Pinterest in 60 days because she was diligent.

Your blogging niche will never be too inundated because there is only one You. You are uniquely you and that breathes into your blog, your branding and your audience. No one can replicate that. So even though there may be a million food blogs, there is only one You food blog and that makes it different.

If that sounds cheesy, than go with this idea: A lot of people would claim that the blogging space is too competitive now because it has “:been around for a while.” But the internet is going to be around for years to come (I’m pretty sure…) So in Internet is still relatively a baby.

This means there is plenty of time to get in on the ground floor. The trick is finding your niche- your uniquely you audience.

“Blogging Is Not A Way To Make Real Money”

Sure, you can make some money here and there with affiliates. Maybe sell some printables or a $50 course here and there. If I get lucky I can get enough traffic to make money in some ads if I decide to go that route.

But make a full time income with blogging? Is that even a thing?

It is. I wrote a post recently when 3 of my blogging coaching clients quit their full time jobs in one week (!!!) But this is reality. People are replacing their income with blogging side hustles turned legitimate money making blogs.

Long story short: One of my blogging side projects that takes about 10 minutes a day to maintain still generates around $1k a month in ad revenue. So does blogging make real money?

Heck yeah it does.

“I Don’t Offer Enough Real Value To Be Successful”

When I started blogging I wrote about what I wanted to. It was way too personal. Then I grew up and wrote some stuff that other people actually wanted to read. And a little while later I started trying to write things that people were looking for instead of vomiting all over the internet when I was processing.

Now I want to offer real value because my mission has changed. My blog is not about me anymore. It’s about my readers and my audience. It is about my subscribers and my Pinterest followers. It’s about their needs and not my wants.

IE, if your mission is right then you ARE offering real value to your audience.

PS All you need to help someone is to be one step ahead of where they currently are. You can blog about very detailed medical information. But you can also change lives in your corner of the world with your blog about yoga or food or homeschooling. The world needs joy in all forms and you can give it to them through your blog niche.

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs For Your Blogging Business

Because I am a blogging business coach, I did want to touch on some limiting beliefs about money. You might just want to share your blog forever and never be interested in monetizing it.

But if monetizing a blog is a future blogging goal of yours, then you are going to face some limiting beliefs about money.

“My Audience Does Not Have Money”

I hear this one a lot as well. The idea that your clients do not have the funds or assets to pay for what you want to sell them. But you need to rethink this idea.

You can’t believe your client when they say they “don’t have the money.”

How many times in my life have I felt short on funds but found the money easily for something shiny and new that excited me more than your gas bill?

The truth is that your client also has a limiting belief about money that they don’t have enough. And most who push back on a practical purchase do so because they have a limiting belief that they do not have enough money. But even when we feel there is no wiggle room, there always is. The budget can always be resorted.

This means as a resource for your audience you need to help them overcome this limiting belief about money. Money is abundant, and we always find the funds for what we want to. If you think hard enough you might recall a personal example.

And hey, let’s talk about a worse case scenario: You raise your prices appropriately to charge for the value you offer and you lose a chunk of your audience. The great news about this is that they were not your ideal client. And if you really want to thrive as an entrepreneur, you don’t take every client. Not every client is a good fit for you and vice versa.

Niching down your prices and value as an online business owner and money making blogger will only benefit you long term.

“I Can’t Charge For What I Offer”

It is uncomfortable when we start talking about money and what to charge people for what we do.

It would be easy to overcharge for services that I don’t provide well and be greedy when people trust me… but what I see WAY more often are bloggers who are afraid to charge higher prices because

They don’t want to lose their current audience who “doesn’t have enough money.”
Because they don’t feel they offer enough value to charge premium prices.

We have already addressed number one above. If someone believes they don’t have enough money, they need your help overcoming their own limiting beliefs about money. And if they run away after a price change, they only leave more room for your ideal, perfect fit client to show up. So no worries about that.

Is It Valuable?

How do I convince you that what you offer is valuable enough to charge a premium price?

Let’s start with one question: Is it?

Because if what you are trying to sell as a money making blogger does not provide enough value then your blogging business will not be sustainable. People will buy, no referrals will come and your business will fizzle and die.

So you can charge a premium price as long as you add premium value.

Confidence and overcoming money mindset does not mean that you charge $500 for a crappy t-shirt to unsuspecting loyal fans and call that success.

You have to provide real value that sustains your audience and provides real transformation.

Take a look at your course, workbooks, recipe pdfs, or whatever you are trying to monetize your blog with and evaluate the worth of those items truly. If you want to charge $97 for your course, but it doesn’t feel like it has enough transformative info to charge $97, don’t start by lowering the price. Start by adding value to meet the price tag you’d like to see on your product.

“There Isn’t Enough Money For How Much I Want To Make”

I recently had a few coaching calls in a row where I heard 3 people say the same thing:

I have really big goals, and I’m not sure how to get there.

But they were all on the phone with me for the same reason: because they believed their big goals were possible!

And that’s where it has to start.

You have to believe in your goal.

For a lot of us our goals start with a mission, and the money is just the business that keeps the mission going. Thinking about money felt guilty and challenging for me for a long time when my motive was supposed to be helping people with my mental health blogging project.

But I had to get over the guilt of first having financial goals. It is not bad or negative or evil to want money to flow into your life and to have ambitious financial goals.

Even if your niche is flooded with amazing bloggers, your ideal clients are waiting for you. Frustrated and paying the wrong blogger because they are waiting for you to show up and give them what they have been looking for.

How To Start Overcoming Limiting Beliefs For Bloggers

This article has addressed a lot of issues around overcoming limiting beliefs for bloggers. I have tried to speak to each of these fears and limiting beliefs.

But no amount of saying, “Don’t be scared!” is going to make you feel any better. If you want to overcome your limiting beliefs, you will have to do more than read this blog and nod your head.

Limiting beliefs became ingrained into our thought life through years of repetition and habit. These things are extremely hard to overcome. And the best way to overcoming limiting beliefs for bloggers if by doing some work.

Limiting beliefs are also not a one and done beast that we overcome once and for all. They crop up with nose jobs and face lifts and sneak back into our mindset. We have to constantly reevaluate our mindset. If your business gets stuck or you start to feel burned out, the first thing you should do is revisit your limiting beliefs.

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs For Bloggers With A Guide

Our beliefs are hard to evaluate because they are ingrained in how we think.

They are our truth. Which is why it is so important to have an outsider to bounce ideas off of when taking a look at yourself.

I am a huge proponent of getting neutral opinions and don’t shy away from dissent. It has made me a really easy student for lots of other coaches who helped me break mindset barriers along my blogging journey.

If you are trying to overcome limiting beliefs to become a successful blogger, there’s no better way than with a coach and a community of people doing exactly what you are.

If you’d like some help growing your business, let’s chat: AlisonReeves.Co/strategy-call

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  1. Really insightful post that touches on all those nasty thoughts that set us up to fail before we begin. Do you have any specific rituals or exercises you use to help combat those ingrained beliefs, Alison? I’m a fan of hand-written mantras.

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