How to grow your business: 38K case study.

How to Grow Your Business With These 5 Tips: 38k Case Study

Every entrepreneur, whether that is a blogger or a beauty supplier, wants to learn how to grow their business.

Having live launches every 6 weeks can really burn someone out. I began reevaluating my process to avoid constant launches and ended up with my highest month yet!

Every entrepreneur, whether that is a blogger or a beauty supplier, wants to learn how to grow their business. Having live launches every 6 weeks can really burn someone out. I began reevaluating my process to avoid constant launches and ended up with my highest month yet!

Here are the 5 steps that got me to the 38k success of July:

Have an Elevated Mindset

A good mindset is hard for many of us. In order to get what you want, you need to be your highest self.

Every time you have a new success, you have an “oh crap” moment – your brain doesn’t like to do new things. This happens when you’re building new habits or when you are starting a new program. Train your brain to accept the change!

When you’re trying to reach your goal, commit to the goal. Tell yourself you are getting what you want and make it happen.

When the goal feels achievable, make it bigger. Know you are worthy of that next level.

  • If you think building your business is going to be hard, it will be.
  • If you think people won’t buy your stuff, they won’t.
  • If you think you’ll never be a winner or that life’s cards are stacked against you, you’ll stay stuck.


  • If you work to find a groove, things fall into place easily.
  • If you become obsessed with your avatar, they will buy everything you sell.
  • If you know everything happens for your benefit, you will consistently win.

You make your own reality.

It’s not magic or woo.

It’s just a matter of intention.

Optimize Your Offer

Here’s the problem with launching:

It can accelerate your income and test the market for a product. BUT: energetically it is draining.

You spend 2 to 4 weeks building up to sell something, opening the cart, closing the cart, giving bonuses.

Then the launch is over…

And if you want sales?

You have to do it all again.

A truly optimized offer needs to be scalable and specific.

A huge thing to consider is automated offers. Make it evergreen, and put as much on automation as possible, like sending out automatic instructions when consumers first purchase.

Innovative Visibility

To grow your business efficiently, simplify your visibility online.

Start with one social media platform and give it your extreme focus.

Use your platform in innovative ways; this can be simple but needs to be efficient. It’s critical that you stop chasing clients, and start attracting them.

You do not need complicated funnels! Try to sell your offers organically.

To do that, you know that you have to use social media. But it can be frustrating when you don’t know what to say, and when you DO say something, no one hears you.


  • If you sell bath bombs, you need to use social.
  • If you’re a coach, you need to use social.
  • If you’re a service provider, you need to use social.
  • If you’re a blogger, you need to use social.

So if you’re struggling to get eyeballs on your offers, try this:


Whether you’re using a business page or posting an IG post, you need to make sure that your posts are interesting for people who DON’T buy from you.

The best way to do that?

Storytelling (and education).


You can’t show up, sell and leave. It’s not fair to your audience, and it’s not kind to your business.

And I get that the idea that you have to market yourself every day might feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.

Observe and decide: what is fun, how can you be consistent, what WORKS.

Then do those things over and over.


I can’t tell you how many times I look at clients’ posts for the past few days or weeks if they say they’re struggling with sales and…

They don’t have any hint or inkling that they are open for clients or having something to sell.

Just because we focus on storytelling and nurturing doesn’t mean you don’t have to drop a link now and then for the lurkers.

Attract your leads by providing solutions. Solve problems before the sale, to bring in the sale.

Inbound Sales

You want people to ask YOU for the sale!

As an entrepreneur you have to sell yourself and your services all the time! So this has to feel good, not spam-y.

Again, attract your leads by providing solutions. You want people to raise their hands in interest, not cold selling.

Receive referrals without asking for them.

Get into the habit of recognizing your client’s wins so your clients feel lifted. When your clients have good experiences, they will more than likely refer you!

If you KNOW you will get the sales you want, your energy will attract more sales.

Never be desperate for a sale but make sure there is nothing in you that is holding you back from moving forward. Do you feel you aren’t worthy so you just didn’t go through the process of doing what you needed to? Ask yourself questions. And ask potential clients questions.

How to Grow Your Business with Simple Scaling

Take scaling step by step. You can build your success by raising your monthly goals. Only “go big or go home” when you feel you are in a good place, mentally and in the process.

Scale incrementally. Add one new source of leads at a time; same with adding a new platform or a website.

Stack your income! Income stacking is a way to decentralize your business.

MEANING: build up your income over time with multiple ways of earning money, so you’re not too dependent on any one thing.

But what does this actually look like to implement?

Here are the 2 important things you need to know about income stacking:

  • The income builds over time
  • Your security stabilizes over time

This means that month 1 may not be a huge month – but at some point you can enjoy a full time income without any new sales (I have $8k of cash in August from sales in previous months.)

The two ways I’ve been stacking my income are multiple offers and recurring income.

Multiple offers is easy to understand. Just be sure that you are only proving ONE offer at a time. Every proven offer (proven = you sold it) is an asset to use for income stacking.

You can also income stack with recurring payments:

  • Payment plans.
  • Back end offers.
  • Memberships.

A common way for bloggers to stack their income is to monetize in multiple ways that compliment each other.

Ads + affiliates are a common example (because they both depend on volume).

This is income stacking, because your traffic starts out low (and so does your income.) But as your traffic grows, so does your recurring income.

You can stack your income by creating your own courses. Do a live launch. Then make it evergreen. Do another launch. Make that evergreen.

You can also stack your income with courses by providing payment plans, upsells and back-end offers.

Even if you just have one offer, you can stack your income by providing pay-in-full options as well as payment plans. And by promoting affiliates to your clients that will be helpful tools for them.


If you need some help deciding how to make more money with YOUR business, feel free to drop me a comment below.

And, if you are interested in working with me, book a chat at: https://AlisonReeves.Co/strategy-call


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