How To Create A Blog About Me Page

When I started blogging for fun as an online journal back when AIM was still how I flirted with my crush, creating a killer blog About Me page was nowhere on my radar.

Needless to say my blogging has become much more… refined? Over the years.

(But still with a lot of typos)

Blogging started as something I did for fun. Then I thought maybe I could make money from it. I had a dream of becoming a YouTube sensation and I was just waiting for it “to happen” for me. I thought if my content connected with people, if I was honest, likable and consistent in putting out new content that I was going to be successful.

But my blog had to grow into a lot more than an online journal to become successful.

I had to start really connecting with my audience. And part of that is optimizing every opportunity my audience has in front of me for them to get to really know me.

For years on my site, I neglected creating a specific blog About Me page. It was simple, generic. I wanted people coming to my site for my content, but what they were really coming for was me.

And my lifeless blog About Me page was leaving them feeling empty and dissatisfied. I was missing an opportunity to connect with my audience where they were trying to find me.

For more tips on blog website layout and making good first impressions with site visitors, hop on over this way.

How To Create A Blog About Me Page

Why Create A Blog About Me Page

Get Attention

You want to grab people’s attention when they land on your About Me page. You might be getting traffic from Pinterest or Google, but people have to take an extra click to get to your About Me. They’re already a little invested in you.

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So now your job is to keep them here and let them know why they should stay.

Be Memorable

Convey your personality and vulnerability. Showcase what is unique about you.

Use lots of photos. The visual element will help people remember you, and also help them connect.

Be Likable

This is a huge opportunity to increase your likability. Your About Me page should make you likable.

Immediately Convey Value

This is not a sales page or a blog. It’s an opportunity to say what you want in a personal way.

Site Bio

Let them know a little background about your site. Why did you start it? What was your mission?

What might they get out of being here? Do you have resources or opportunity for community that you can provide?

Let them know who your website is for and if they are in the right place or not.

How To Create A Blog About Me Page

Your About Me page should be personable, vulnerable, human, establish credibility, and encourage subscribers.

And it better have your pretty little face all over it.

Gone are the days of “Who I Am, Where I’m At And Where I’m Going.” This isn’t about you. It’s an opportunity to meet your client where they found you.

The Headline Should Keep Them There

This is not just true with a blog About Me page. This is true of your website, your opt in, your articles…

The headline should be exciting and attention grabbing. It should keep them on the page. Most people don’t read anymore, they just skim. How are you going to keep them reading?

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Talk About Yourself (Only In Relation To Your Business)

Of course your blog About Me page is an opportunity for you to share about yourself, note credentials, and mention your success.

But it is NOT a brag page. It is not a little trophy room. And you’re not going to convince people to stick around and be a fan by just sitting and listing how awesome you are and all you have accomplished.

Instead, talk about yourself in relation to how you connect with your customers. Our avatar is usually a former version of ourselves, so let the reader know about that piece of you.

Share your success and transformation story in a way that relates to their goals.

Who Are You

When talking about yourself, let people know who you are. Let people know the part of you that they are looking to connect with. You want to show people your personality and be real with them.

Let them see your pain and your joy. Be relatable to their struggle.

Showcase Yourself

It’s ok to showcase yourself, but do so in a relevant way.

Remember, with ALL OF THIS it’s not about me and you. It’s about the client and how we can meet their needs.

So we’re not talking about our successes to say, “Hey look at ME,” but rather to say, “Hey, look what can happen for YOU.”

Tell How You Help

If you want people to invest in a relationship with you, whether it’s by reading, subscribing or buying, you have to let them know what is in it for them.

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So you have been personable and established some credibility. Now you need to let them know what results you can provide to transform their pain into success.

Focus more on the What than the How. People care more about the transformation you provide than how they are going to get there.

Add Some Calls To Action

The blog About Me page is not just a place to talk about yourself. It’s an opportunity to brand yourself and build know-like-trust.

It’s also a place to place calls to action, offer opt ins and encourage subscribers to your list.

Blog About Me Page Wrap Up

Ultimately, every place you type is an opportunity to build your brand with your audience.

Talk like you speak. Be personable and vulnerable. Talk about yourself in a way that relates to your business and your avatar.

Selling to people is never about us. It’s always about the client.

And that sounds weird, right? But even your blog About Me page should be about grabbing the client and making them fall in love so they stay.

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  1. Great article with lots of takeaways to help me improve my About Me page. I know it is awful but never reaches the tip of my to do list. It has just gone right up there!

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