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Increased Blog Traffic: How Shauna Went From 1k to 20k+ Monthly Views In 30 Days

Shauna’s Story

Shauna increased her blog traffic from 1k to 20k+ monthly views in 30 days.

Shauna started her blog, Minimizing to Maximize, to help moms declutter and minimize.

She has been blogging for about 5 years, having gone through 4 other not-so-successful blogs. The most money Shauna has made in those 5 years was $18, paired with just under 4K page views within a month’s time.

Shauna didn’t let the struggles with her first 4 blogs get in her way. She continued to buy into workshops and receive some coaching, which has led to her recent success with increased blog traffic and income.

How Shauna increased her blog traffic

What was your motivation for wanting your blog to succeed?

I love to write. I have a bachelor’s degree in business management and when I got the degree I knew wanted to work for myself – I just didn’t know what I wanted to do.

This was back in 2007 when I graduated; a blog back then was really new, I didn’t really know how to get started. I tried working for other companies and I realized I did not want to manage other people – I absolutely hate it so I knew I had to work for myself.

I started learning about blogging, so I could do what I loved. That took me a little while to figure out.

I also really want to stay home next year and homeschool my son. That is my biggest goal, and probably the biggest motivator.

Where were you getting stuck before you bought the Pinterest Workshop?

I’ve taken a few workshops. The most page views I’ve ever received were a little fewer than 4K, when that dropped I got a little discouraged and I just stopped.

I went on to another course, but the courses just weren’t working for me or they were just too complicated.

I bought Alison’s Pinterest Workshop in January. I did that for about a month with great results then my dad ended up getting really sick in March. We almost lost him. I did not blog for the rest of March and all of April. I didn’t do anything on Pinterest, which dropped my Pinterest page view to about 1K for the whole month.

In May, my dad was better; I decided to put my head down, thinking, “I have to make this work because I really want to homeschool my son next year.”

I just did it and I’ve had some amazing results.

What has happened in the last 30 days?

Since my call with Alison, I had done everything she directed me to do. I had results within a week after I began writing consistently again.

My page views for the past 30 days are 22k. My sessions are at a little over 20k and I’ve made $106!

Where did your sales come from?

Everything minus 2 sales came from my tripwire. Two of the sales came from some posts, where I  had put up links for some printables.

My email list is now at 393, coming up from 68 before I started back up with consistency.

What are the next steps? How are you going to take advantage of the increased blog traffic?

I’m definitely going to continue with Pinterest, staying consistent. I want to get more serious about SEO because I know that SEO traffic will allow growth in my sales.

My goal is to make one or two new freebies, as well as add a new printable to my shop every month.

How did you decide what to use as a tripwire? And how did you decide how to price it?

My niche is decluttering, but I also talk about minimizing, so I have two different freebies: 13 resources for the minimalism and then I have a 30-day decluttering plan that I put with that. The decluttering one is kind of like speed cleaning, to get rid of stuff around the house, that’s a little bundle of 23 pages.

I was giving two pages of the cleaning bundle away for free, and selling the full package as the tripwire but I noticed it wasn’t working. Alison actually advised against that in a group, so I changed that, tweaked the wording, and made a sale later that day.

What shortcut advice do you have for people looking for success? 

Consistency. Success definitely involves consistency and a good mindset.

A good mindset is so huge, having somebody telling you what to do can really change all the direction and provide the confidence you need in your decision to keep pursuing whatever it is you’re doing.

I feel like if someone can afford a coach, it makes the difference.

I’m just excited to keep going forward. I do want to add, I’m a Christian and a very spiritual person.

I prayed about what way to go with the blog, the whole decluttering and minimizing just kept sticking in my head and I kept fighting the thought, thinking it would go away.

It was there for three days, I finally gave in and wow, I need to listen to myself more! If you have a recurring thought, listen to it.

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