Fastest Way To Monetize Your Blog

There are a lot of resources out there for the fastest way to monetize your blog.

It can be frustrating. You try and find a place where you can get everything you need as fast as possible. But then everything you need to learn takes a long time. Every piece drains you of your energy.

And along the way you lose motivation because you can’t get things going…

fast ways to monetize a blog

Motivation To Meet Goals

There are two ways to pay off debt: the snowball method (popularized by Dave Ramsey), and the avalanche method.

With the snowball method, you pay off debt starting with the smallest debt that you have. Then for the next debt you have more to put towards the payment.

Adversely, the avalanche method requires that you pay off the largest debt first, and then continue to eliminate debt from largest to smallest.

The avalanche method pays off debt quicker. You knock out the larger interest payments first.

But the snowball method is more successful. And the reason why is because people are motivated by small wins. The success rate is higher because people see the results quicker and it motivates them to keep going.

Using Quick Wins As The Fastest Way To Monetize Your Blog

What People Try

A lot of people will start trying to monetize their blog by building content. I spoke to someone recently who said they wanted 100 blog posts before they started trying to monetize.

So, step one: have a ton of blog posts and content. Then heavily focus on SEO and write extra posts for backlinks and promotions. Then start with email, next social media and maybe Pinterest if you have time for that.

This process is standard. But it takes a loooong time. It will take a long time to build your email list and to see real results with SEO. It’s a long game.

What I Teach

The steps I teach are not unique. I just do it in a different order so that people can see results faster. And this is successful because seeing results and experiencing quick wins motivates people to keep going.

Niche Down

Everyone will tell you this if they know anything about blogging: Niche down. You will hear this everywhere. This can be a scary step. You might be afraid of losing potential audience, but I assure you niching down is the best thing you can do for yourself and your business.

You honestly can’t niche down too far. It’s going to be easier to make money if you know what you’re talking about and what you want to sell. It will help you to better target your audience, and create something they’re specifically interested in. Your success rate will be more consistent and predictable.

Create A Free Offer

One thing I say all the time that isn’t super popular: people don’t want a newsletter. I’m sure your newsletter is amazing, but people are not going to sign up for your email list for something so non-specific.

Create a specific free offer so that people really know what they are getting. People have to know what they’re getting and be excited about what they’re going to give up their email list. Be specific and target your niche audience.

Put Ads On Your Site

A lot of people don’t want to put ads on their site, and I totally understand. Ads can be distracting or confusing to new viewers. But remember, we are trying to monetize your blog as fast as possible and ads are a great way to do that.

One of my clients who had a 5 week old blog turned her ads on after building traffic with my tips, and immediately was making $1 a day. Just that is enough to pay for her web hosting costs and she’s already in the plus. She’s up to $5 to $10 a day in ad revenue after less than 2 months. Some people don’t make money for years on their blog.

Drive Traffic

What a lot of people do is try to drive traffic using SEO and Google. They will use a free plugin like Yoast. And you should absolutely optimize your site for SEO. This is important, but it is a long term strategy and you will not see results for a long time.

You can get traffic from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and backlinks. And there are so many other strategies…

But nothing will hold a flame to how fast Pinterst will get you traffic. Even if your niche is not popular on Pinterest, it will get you more traffic faster than anything else.

Pinterest is not a social media platform. It is a search engine with a visual component. So when optimizing your SEO, use Pinterest to do your research and make Pinterest a priority. For my clients Pinterest is a non negotiable.

Choose Another Platform To Build Trust

Choose one other social media platform to focus on in addition to Pinterest. You want one other platform to build trust.

This will help you to increase your sales during your launches. Pinterest will get you traffic. Then use Facebook, Instagram or Linked In depending on your niche to build and maintain relationships with your audience and prime them for launches.

Launch Something NOT Scalable

Don’t launch a low cost product for your launch. If your product is scalable, it means the price is probably lower. With a small email list, even if your low cost launch is successful you won’t see a lot of money. A course is an example of something that you create once and can continue to bring in unlimited sales because it doesn’t take up your limited time.

Passive income is great, but in the beginning I recommend something that is going to take your personal time. Because something that takes up your personal time is going to be a higher end product. Your time is limited so you can charge more for it. You might offer services like VA services or one on one coaching.

Coaching is great because the investment motivates people to participate and your clients will see real change in their lives. I know you want purpose in your life, and that you’re not just about making money. We’re all doing this because ultimately we want to help people!

Charging clients enough for your stuff is going to help people more because they will be motivated to participate. There is no $1,000 course I ever bought that I didn’t take because that’s a lot of money, and I want my money’s worth.

It challenges people when they have to invest.

The other thing about coaching is that it gives you a first hand view of what your clients need, what their struggles are and how you can help your audience better in the future. Coaching will teach you more about your avatar, and then you will launch a course that will legitimately help your clients that you’ve gotten to know.

Summary Of How To Monetize Your Blog Fast

TL;DR Version:

  1. Niche down
  2. Create a free offer to build your list
  3. Put ads on your site
  4. Build traffic with Pinterest
  5. Choose one other platform to build trust
  6. Launch something NOT scale-able

The strategies I teach are unique but not new. The whole idea behind my method is to create small wins and to monetize as fast as possible.

If you have been stuck for a while stop what you are doing and try a different approach.

Start with 10 great blogs. You don’t have to have 100 blogs to get started. Then use this order of tasks to monetize your blog fast.

If you have any additional questions, let me know in the comments! And if you’re looking for support, I’d love to have you in my Facebook group and offer you support.

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