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14 Most Important Blogging Tools: Must Haves For Your Blogging Business

When I started out blogging I definitely did everything the hard way, and it took some time before I started discovering the most important blogging tools.

I remember scouring Google for pics to use, and then I learned that not all images are labeled for reuse. There was no organization at all. I had a very vague idea of what SEO was and how to implement it to make a difference for me.

But the reality is that blogging has been around long enough for the pioneers to start problem solving for us who are coming up behind. This means that for any obstacle you come across, there is some troubleshooting that has already happened with that issue and a tool developed to make things easier for you.

Why Use The Most Important Blogging Tools

Someone else has already streamlined this process for you. Using the most important blogging tools that have already been developed are going to save you tons of time.

On top of that they are going to make you look professional. With free design tools and WordPress themes you can look like a polished professional blogger in an afternoon.

And blogging is becoming increasingly more competitive. If you want to maintain the same standards as the incredibly talented community around you, you need to use the most important blogging tools that they are implementing in their businesses.

14 Most Important Blogging Tools: Must Haves For Your Blogging Business

14 Most Important Blogging Tools

There are plenty of things I am not going to include in this list. These are my personal favorites and things that I get a lot of use out of. And for all the things I mentioned specifically there are certainly other options. This is what I use, what I find to be simple and effective. I like user friendly things because I work with experienced bloggers and new bloggers alike, I also work with people who are not tech savvy, so easy is great.

That being said:

#1 There are plenty of alternatives and lots of them are awesome. Do your research and see what fits your needs best. You might need something higher or lower level than what I am about to suggest.

And #2 Figure out what you really need for your blog and use those tools. You night not need all of these, or you might need something that is not on this list. Know your audience, what social media platforms you will be using and all that jazz to get a comprehensive list of the tools you will need.

#1 A Website

This may seem willy to mention, but you need a website and this involves choosing some tools to get you started,

I used FlyWheel to host my site. I thought the setup was easy and expense reasonable for the ongoing services provided.

#2 WordPress

There are lots of ways to set up your website, but WordPress is so user friendly with endless free options. WordPress makes starting a website very simple. You can also use their free templates to immediately get started editing and adding to your site.

And over time these plugins will become increasingly more useful. They can get very detailed and high level and you can use the plugins for an endless number of applications from security, social media, design, SEO and puppies.

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Ok, no puppies, but it’s still great.

#3 Dropbox or Google Drive

Google Drive allows you to access files from any device.

This means you don’t have to carry your laptop around everywhere and you can work on the go.

Google Drive is also really useful when you start collaborating with other people.

It makes it easy to share large files and work on the same project, viewing each other’s progress.

Here are some regular examples of how I utilize Google Drive:

  • Video, for my editor and I to pass back and forth
  • Google docs, for notes with clients, guest post submissions, post drafts and course outlines
  • Google slides, for

#4 Canva

I mention Canva first because it is a personal favorite. Canva does have options to upgrade. I use an upgraded account because I simply use it SO MUCH that I like having more options. It’s also nice to know that less people have access to the same images I do.

But Canva makes everything so simple. You can use their design templates and customize what you need, or start from scratch. They have custom sizes for every banner, flier and social media platform you can imagine.

#5 Grammarly

As a writer this is just a good application to have on your device. It is a plugin that will spellcheck across multiple platforms.

But it does not just spell check. It is a very detail oriented editor that checks all aspects of your writing to make sure that you are clean and polished. Spoiler: this is NOT a free tool, but it is really good at what it does.

#6 Blog Topic Generator

There are those days when you know you need to write and feel stuck. Or maybe you are trying to get together your content calendar for the next month or quarter and you need some brainstorming ideas.

You can sit down and mind map, which I highly recommend, But if you are really stuck Hubspot blog topic generator is a fun and useful tool to have.

#7 An SEO Tool

If you are going to be a serious blogger, one of the most important blogging tools you will need is an SEO tool. Luckily WordPress comes to the rescue with lots of free plugins.

I love Yoast SEO for all my SEO needs. It points out multiple details I can improve to optimize my post. It gets very detailed, but no worries. Every SEO detail comes with an explanation and tutorial page with suggestions. I am not a tech savvy person and did not have a problem pinning it all down as a beginner.

#8 Google Analytics

Google Analytics is going to track data on your site at a very detailed level. At a beginner’s level you will be able to see what posts are doing best and what you could optimize or write more about.

It will help you track your traffic. If you plan to have ads on your site at any point, you will probably want to start using analytics to watch and build your traffic effectively.

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#9 Scheduling Tool

There are plenty of tools out there. I like to use what is free whenever possible. Hootsuite has a free version and you can link up to 2 social media platforms to it.

Scheduling tools are huge time savers and definitely one of the most important blogging tools. Especially when you start content planning, you can use Hootsuite to help launch new content and post throughout the week without manually having to login to all your social media accounts and post separately.

#10 Email Marketing Tool

I started using MailerLite, and I have found that it is very simple and user friendly. There are other tools out there that cost more and get complicated, ut MailerlIte has what I need and is great for anyone even if you do not have experience.

As a blogger, you don’t just wat traffic. You need a way to capture that traffic and build your audience, which means starting to build your email list. MailerLite will allow you to set up automations and create opt ins and pop ups to maximize the traffic coming to your site.

#11 Pinterest Scheduling

Tailwind is a scheduling tool specifically meant for Pinterest. Though this tool is vry specific, it’s in my top list because of how critical I consider Pinterest to be.

Pinterest is the #1 way to get traffic especially as a new blogger. SEO is typically a long game, but Pinterest can generate clicks shockingly fast. I use a unique manual pinning strategy in conjunction with Tailwind to schedule pins after I have launched something new.

#12 BuzzSumo

Trying to find out what content performs best and what keywords to use can be challenging and timeconsuing. But now of course there are content researching tools out there you can use that will really save you time.

This is not a free application and does not have a free option.

#13 An Organization Tool

It took me years to start using an organizing tool. And now that I am using one I am kind of embarrassed I waited so long. The human brain can only hold onto so much at one time. Writing things down and planning is so important.

Today, if I do not write my To Do thing in Asana, it is not going to get done. I just can’t remember everything I have to do. Asana allows you to create detailed tasks, assign projects and work with team members. You can also merge emails, which is awesome as someone who has multiple employers right now.

#14 Blogging Media Kit

This may not be exactly a tool, but it is a powerful asset and I wanted to mention it. A logging media kit is like a kind of portfolio you would present to potential partners, affiliates, or collaborative relationships.

A blogging media kit should include things like

  • Information all about your brand
  • Your blog and its beginnings
  • Your mission
  • Information about your niche/ demographics
  • Statistics on traffic and other hard data
  • Examples of your stuff: writing, products, etc.
  • Testimonials
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Fir more detailed info about logging media kits, take a look over here.

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Things You Can’t Get A Most Important Blogging Tool For

There are some things that you just won’t find as an opt in freebie or a free tool.

And some things just can’t be bought. But these are critical tools to being a successful blogger as well.


If you are going to be a successful blogger, a strong mindset is the most important blogging tool you can have. It is a daily struggle to maintain a successful mindset.

We all grow up with ideas and maps that work for us at the time, but over time some of our ideas stop working and become broken. We end up with harmful beliefs about money and success.

As a blogger you have to conquer these limiting beliefs with regular diligence.


I am sure you can pay for community somewhere. And sure, there are apps and tools for this. But you cannot pay for the genuine cultivation of relationships.

Blogging can be challenging, especially if you are trying to replace a full time income or have some big long term goals. And the best way to meet your goals is with support.

So be sure to take responsibility for cultivating community for yourself. It will elevate your success to start networking with like minded, successful bloggers.


This is related to mindset, but you cannot get a tool for positivity. It cannot be automatically generated by a device. There is not an electronic tool that can make you positive.

It is something that takes intention and work. I recommend journaling, having a morning routine and practicing copious amounts of gratitude. Praise others success as well as your own.


It does not matter what I want in life if I do not have the energy to get up and do it.

And motivation has to come from a very real, deep place. I am not going to have a successful blog or business if I want money. But I might be successful if I am seeking security with a business that has an intention to help others.

Most Important Blogging Tools Closing

If you think you will be blogging for a while or plan to be more professional or even make a career out of your blog, you are going to want to use tools to streamline your process and economize your time.

These tools are already being used by a ba-jillion people and the reason why is because they are awesome and they get the job done well. So work smarter, not harder and start implementing these tools to ease your blog life.

And remember, we can have all the free things and paid tools we can get. But if you don’t have a positive mindset and good work ethic your blog and your biz are going nowhere fast.

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