What do you do when one of your random blog posts goes viral?

What to Do When a Random Blog Post Goes Viral?

What do you do when one of your random blog posts goes viral?

First, you celebrate the win!

Then, back to business: the follow-up question to this great surprise is, “How do you capitalize on a random blog post going viral?”

This is definitely a situation I can relate to, because I am totally guilty of writing blog posts that were more unintentional and just for fun. I’ve been surprised with attention for these kinds of blogs and had to figure out how I was going to take advantage of the potential within that new traffic I was receiving.

>One of these surprises was a post about how I wore the same outfit for 21 days. It was very popular and still continues to receive great traffic. I had to think about how I could monetize this and use it to benefit my business.

What do you do when one of your random blog posts goes viral? First, you celebrate the win! Then, back to business.

Be Intentional with Your Content

Although these random unintentional blogs may go viral, you do want to try and focus your content. Think ahead to what you might sell and how you want to monetize before writing a blog. Still throw some spaghetti at the wall, have fun with what you’re writing, but be tactical.

How to Boost a Blog Post that Goes Viral

When a blog post goes viral, there are a few things you can do to take advantage of that activity. 

  1. Share the post on your personal profile. Friends and family will want to support you, as well as fellow collaborators, which can boost your post very well.
  2. Make sure to tie your viral post to a monetization opportunity!
  3. Create a cluster of content of related articles. Take note of what topics are going viral. Your audience is telling you what they want to hear you talk about! I do not see myself as a fashion expert, but when my blog about wearing the same outfit for 21 days went viral, I knew what appealed to my audience. I began to create some content around simple wardrobes – which have done really well, as I’ve had the chance to monetize them with minimalism courses and Amazon affiliate links.

How to SEO a Seemingly Random Topic

You will be choosing a keyword phrase for this “random topic” the same way you would for any blog post, doing an SEO process.

Keep the title that had you go viral, but add a colon followed by your keyword phrase. Remember to also include your keyword phrase within the blog post!

Hopefully, these tips will be helpful for anyone with a random blog post that goes viral!

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