6 common blogging mistakes that will cost you sales.

The 6 Biggest Blogging Mistakes That Will Cost You Sales

The six biggest blogging mistakes when it comes to sales.

As a blogger and a coach, I have a lot of experience with these blogging mistakes.

Blogging Mistake #1: The Law of Mirrors

When I’m struggling to get my audience to take action, it often has to do with the law of mirrors.

The law of mirrors is when we are attracting things to us based on our own behavior. What you focus on expands – and this is related to that. It’s not just woo-woo – there’s actually science behind it.

Every second that passes, you are processing hundreds or thousands of different pieces of information. And your conscious brain can only process about 100 or 200 of those thousands of data points.

What you perceive as reality can shift, depending on your experiences that you’re bringing to the table.

Let me ask you three questions to highlight where the Law of Mirrors might be impacting you:

  • If you’re not making sales, do you doubt your offer?
  • If you’re not making sales, do you constantly research products and then you don’t buy them?
  • And if you’re not making sales, are you constantly not following through or you’re looking for deals?

Now, I have probably close to 100 free training videos in addition to the blog, in addition to answering questions in my group. I have a lot of opportunities for you to have free content, but sometimes, people will come to me and say, “Do you offer scholarships? Do you offer discounts? Before I can pay to have a coach, I need to be making some money.”

There’s nothing wrong with that, but sometimes when you’re constantly doing that, you’re pushing away the tools that you need.

You’re constantly pushing away the things that are going to get you progress faster, because you’re assuming you’re never going to have enough money, or you’re assuming things are always not going to work.

So when you’re saying, “I can’t afford to invest in myself at all until I’m making some money,” then sometimes that can be showing up with your clients. It ends up turning into a projection, where the people that you’re attracting into your audience also are not going to pay you until certain conditions have been met in their life.

It is completely reasonable to want to save up to buy coaching. I would never encourage someone to spend money they don’t have if they don’t feel comfortable doing that, or they’re not in a financial situation where that is safe. However, if you’re constantly struggling to get sales and you’re also constantly struggling to invest in yourself, you might want to take a look at that and make sure that it’s not fear based.

6 blogging mistakes that can hurt your sales.

Blogging Mistake #2: Getting hung up on research

If you’re not making sales, do you constantly research products and then you don’t buy?

This could be showing up with your clients.

You’re researching, you’re researching, you’re researching, you’re getting on sales calls with people and then you don’t buy anything. It’s very obvious to me when a prospect is doing this.

I make it very clear on my survey before you book a discovery call with me that it’s for the purpose of finding out if we’re going to work together. I do that because it really bothers me when people hop on a discovery call just to get more free advice, even though there’s a lot of free content around already.

If you do this, it can be a problem because you can attract, again, people into your world who are doing the same thing.

Blogging Mistake #3: Not Following Through

There’s nothing wrong with changing your mind. (If I bought every single program that I was thinking about buying, I would be absolutely broke.)

It’s reasonable to have to make considerations and plan to invest in yourself, to budget, to change your mind, to follow your intuition, to know that it’s not the right time. All of those things are completely valid.

But, if you’re seeing that happen over, and over, and over, and over, and over again, in your own world, you could be attracting that.

It might be time to challenge that, and be a little bit more intentional with what you’re researching.

Blogging Mistake #4: Overinvesting

Sometimes we take action because it feels like progress – even if it’s not.

I used to overinvest in myself, because purchasing programs and buying time from coaches felt like progress.

But, I was taking too much action that wasn’t moving me forward. There’s a difference between meaningful action, and just taking action for the sake of taking action. So make sure that when you are thinking about investing in yourself that you aren’t doing it because you are afraid won’t make progress, or because you just feel like you need to make movement.

If you’re in a paid program right now, and you’re still researching other paid programs, that’s always a signal to me. If I’m in a paid program, I’m going to go all in on that. I’m not doing research to find time with other coaches or what I’m going to buy next.

So if you’re constantly overinvesting in yourself and people are constantly not investing in you, I would just take a look, create some checks and balances on how you make purchases.

Blogging Mistake #5: Stay Focused

What you focus on expands. Make sure that all of your energy is focused on the thing that you want to be getting sales from.

This is something, again, that I’ve struggled with a lot. I might really want to be getting more sales for one program, but also I started a new blog, and I’m running ads for a tripwire offer that’s not profitable yet, and I’m looking at doing this project and that project.

So I’ve got my energy in all these places that have nothing to do with the main thing I want to get sales from. If you’re not getting the sales that you want? It could be because you’re not focusing enough.

Blogging Mistake #6: Not Asking Enough Questions

Another big problem that bloggers make is not asking enough questions.

If you’ve tried to sell something and nobody purchased it, you might not have asked enough questions.

If you’re constantly having failed launches, you need to be asking way more questions and having way more conversations.

And, if you’re taking sales calls, which I would recommend for offers ranging from $500 to $10,000. And maybe someday you won’t have to take any sales calls at all. But having those sales calls, having those conversations, a lot of transformation happens on a sales call and you will learn a lot on a sales call. But the purpose of asking questions is not just for you to learn, it’s for your audience to learn. When people hear themselves answering the question, they see where the gaps are for themselves, not just by you finding those gaps.

So: if you’re not getting the sales you want, you need to be asking way more questions.

Bonus Blogging Mistake: Not Painting the Picture

Another big blogging mistake I see people making in their sales copy is not painting a clear picture.

A lot of times, we’re taught to highlight the pain points in marketing.

But sometimes, we forget to paint the picture of what the after is going to be like. We know we’re in pain, I get it. But, as my last coach Sarah Dan said, “Before you start talking about those pain points, before you start sharing testimonials, before you announce the offer, you need to paint a picture of what the result will be, to draw people in.”

People have no reason to keep reading if they don’t even know what’s in it for them. They just know they’re in pain. So make sure to paint the picture on your sales pages – and do it early. You don’t have to start your sales page with a big question about the pain point. I would tend to go on the side of sharing results instead.

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling a $1000 course or a $12 printable, you still have to share the value that’s in it, and not just list the actual content.


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