You can’t Achieve what you don’t feel worthy of

What if you could continue growing a wildly successful business...

While simultaneously learning to work less, feel fully deserving, and create the freedom that made you start your business in the first place?

You can.

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Does any of this sound familiar?

Your business feels chaotic.

You started this business to work less and make more, but you feel unfocused and have a hard time delegating.

You keep hitting a ceiling.

You made some money – but have a hard time keeping it. Or you made great money – but can never seem to reach that next income level. 

You’re stuck on an income roller coaster.

You’ve had some success, and even some big success, but are still stuck on an income roller coaster.

You never feel like you’re getting ahead.

You’re making more money than you’ve ever made, but you periodically manifest massive expenses or low sales, and everything feels hard.

You’re great at what you’re doing, but need a guide.

You don’t need another course – you just need accountability and someone you trust to help you make decisions and get off the hamster wheel.

You have SO many ideas, but you also have SO many tasks. 

In a lot of ways, you’re ready for the next thing. Another income stream, a fun project, scaling a program, starting a new site. And at the same time, you’re constantly underwater. When does business get to feel fun again?

Here's The Truth...

The success of your wildest dreams can coexist and finally thrive when it is combined with transformation and healing.

It’s time to:

  • Heal your money stories
  • Own your worth
  • Tune into the desires of your heart
  • Create the life you want

I would love to share with you...

Worthy of Wealth: The Revolution

The Elite Inner Circle To Help High Achieving Entrepreneurs Grow Their Business And Heal Their Life.

A lot of us are great at making money, but struggle with consistency, confidence, deserving and keeping money.

And this isn't because you're weak, or a failure, or "not cut out for it". This is a normal part of doing hard things other people don't do. That's what makes you special - but it doesn't have to stay hard.

Overflow is more than a specific number. It’s about feeling worthy and tuning into what you want in every area of your life.

The truth is: in order to have what you've never had, you need to start BEING who you've never been.

How Would It Feel To...

Feel calm and fully in control of your business.

Learn how to work less, make more, and structure your life to create the freedom that made you start your business. 

Know how to make more money, AND keep it.

Learn not just how to make MORE sales and income, but also the mindset shift and energetics of keeping it so you can consistently reach new income levels. 

Create more consistency and flow with your income and your life.

Get off the income roller coaster, and become the calm and confident CEO of your life AND business. 

Create AND achieve bigger goals than you ever thought possible.

Set goals you never thought you would set, and reach goals you never thought you would reach. Why aim for $10k months when you can aim for $50k, $100k or even $1M months, and know that if you’re CALLED to that, you will make it happen. Oh – and have it feel easy. 

Have a present mentor available to show you the way.

Get accountability, support, training and coaching from someone you trust to help you make decisions and get off the hamster wheel.

Confidently minimize your to do list, and build the team of your dreams.. 

Start new projects, delegate the less interesting ones, free up your time, and have fun in your business again. Confidently hire and maintain the team of your dreams.

Who Am I And Why Does It Matter?

If you know me from my blog or social media, you may or may not know that I struggled with consistency in my business.

Sure: the money came in.

I had my first 5-figure month with a community of only 300 people, had my first $20,000 month just a few months later, and grew over 300% year over year for four consecutive years.

But, one of two things kept happening at each new level:

1. Crushing anxiety would eventually cause a drop in income
2. Expenses would keep me from getting ahead

In fact, after making over $260,000 in revenue one year, the following year I had to reduce my take home pay by two thirds because of increased expenses and lower sales.

To be honest: that’s just one of several cycles I had with money that kept me on the struggle bus.


Until one day, I Woke Up

After a couple months of terrible sales and unexpected expenses, I hit a bottom. I fell into a depression, and chose to ride the wave instead of fighting it.

And in the midst of my lowest spot: I started feeling gratitude.

I had an epiphany that I wasn’t a victim. I had the intuition that I actually had the answers all along, and ability to change my life.

And I finally took responsibility.

It wasn’t easy to admit.

And the best part (or the worst)

Getting out of these cycles had nothing to do with what I should DO…

…And it had everything to do with addressing who I AM.

Traditional mindset training tells us to change our thoughts, then we beat ourselves up when it doesn’t work. 

I'm Here to Tell You...

Traditional mindset falls short, and it’s not your fault.

Mindset work is great, but in my experience, it’s just the FIRST step to improving self belief. (And self belief is NOT optional when you’re scaling to 7-figures and beyond.)

When we first start an online business, we’re obsessed with “the how”.⁠

– How to build a site⁠
– How to write great content⁠
– How to become visible⁠
– How to monetize⁠
– How to grow⁠
– How to build funnels⁠

And it makes sense that we focus on these things, because while “mindset” is important, it doesn’t help much if we don’t also take the ACTION to reach the goals we’re striving for.⁠

But at some point we have to address “mindset”. Because if you don’t believe it will work = then it won’t.⁠

If you don’t address your mindset and self belief, then we tend to self sabotage and spin our wheels.⁠

But even after that, there’s a lot that “the gurus” didn’t tell me about up-leveling, and it might be because even THEY didn’t know how to verbalize it.⁠

✖️Sometimes saying more affirmations aren’t the answer.⁠
✖️Sometimes pushing through “the suck” doesn’t work.⁠
✖️Sometimes the data isn’t telling you the full story.⁠

And here’s the truth:⁠

“Mindset” work doesn’t always work, and it’s not your fault.⁠

…You NEED to know the action steps to do things.⁠
…You NEED to work on your mindset so you follow through.⁠

But as you grow and expand, there’s a deeper level of work you need to do.⁠

And Finally, there's a solution...

What's Inside Worthy Of Wealth: The Revolution

The 12-month experience combining practical action with transformative healing work so you can attract - and keep - the success you deserve

Aligned Discovery

Learn how to create a success mindset, Create a life and business vision, Implement a routine, so you can practice leveling up your mindset on autopilot​

Aligned Restoration

Reflect on and outline relationships that involved money and worth, Dissect wounds of resentment as an invitation for healing, Gain clarity on unspoken obligations and rules you feel around money, Take meaningful action to start creating physical and emotional space for more money

Aligned Focus

Learn multiple powerful tools for allowing your success and shifting your focus, Implement processes to integrate your conscious and unconscious so you can become a powerful leader, instead of just a reactive entrepreneur, Get off the income roller coaster for good

Aligned Action

Use these insights to make firm, confident decisions in your business and your life, and create aligned, simplified action to reaching your goals.

How We Will Do This

Biweekly Calls

We will have bi-weekly hot seat coaching calls, capping the group at 15 people so the group remains intimate and the energy is calm.

Quarterly Deep Dive

Every quarter, you and I will meet 1:1 for 90 minutes to talk about your life and business. You'll drive these calls - some will be strategy, some will be mindset, often both.

Quarterly Action Plan

Every quarter, I will help you create a quarterly action plan that will result from our quarterly deep dive conversation.

All Access Pass

This is the crazy part: you will get automatic access to any of my live programs while we work together, and access to any courses I have that feel relevant to your action plan.

Mindset Workbooks

Six detailed workbooks to support our mindset journeys, create your money healing map and learn the power of allowing your success.

Mastermind Vibe

This is a high level group of content creators and entrepreneurs committed to their work, and committed to going deep. One of the huge benefits is getting to BE in this environment.

Group Chat

We will have a small private group chat in Voxer, which I typically reserve for 1:1 clients. You'll commiserate with each other, and I'll respond in the chat at least 2 times per week.

Private Group

We will also have a private Facebook group. You can ask questions here as well, and we will use the group to organize events and communicate.

Mindset Workbooks: Three Core Focuses

These workbooks are a core component of Worthy of Wealth. Let's dive into them some more, there are eight planned so far.

#1: Allowing

In these workbooks, we will cover the science and psychology around the topic of “allowing your success”, otherwise known as law of attraction.

  1. Allowing your success: science
  2. Allowing your success: manifesting
  3. Allowing your success: controlling your thoughts
  4. Mindset routine

#2: Restoring

Part of allowing your success, especially over time, is understanding limiting beliefs and wounds around money. In these workbooks, we will uncover your money stories, relationships, toxic agreements and resentments regarding money. 

  1. Money mapping workbook
  2. Awareness of cycles

#3: Regulating

Amidst all the work so far, we also need to learn how to regulate. How do you prevent the money cycles from continuing, or how can we shorten them? How do we stop self sabotaging and step into our new identity? We learn to regulate. 

  1. Nervous system regulation
  2. Resilience and trauma resourcing

The Investment

$1,000 Monthly 12 Month Minimum

$10,000 For the Year ($2,000 Savings)

What Some Clients Have To Say

Shannon Became a 6-figure blogger in 3 months

I made $7,000 in one day, from the combination of my email list and the TikTok. The TikTok drove most of the sales. Then by the end of the week, I think I came to you and I was like, “Should I run Facebook ads to this?” So we did – and the ad started getting 3x return on ad spend. The product is only $12. I just started bumping up my budget.

By the end of that week, I had had my first 20k month. Then, going into March, there was a point where I was running ads at $3,000 a day!

I finished the month of March with my first six-figure month. I was very close to a 200k month basically. It was insane. That was when I could say, “I made six figures this year as a blogger.” It’s just crazy. If I do nothing else this year…

John Made $100k in Sales in 4 months with a product

john smith lily chillers founder

I invented a product but had no idea how to market and sell it. Covid had just started and no one was going into stores to even see my product.

Alison helped me with the strategy, provided invaluable insight into my funnel design, helped write my follow up email campaign, and gave me the ad strategy that was getting me purchases for a ridiculously low amount.

She also helped with my mindset that I was struggling with. I ended up doing a little over $100k in 3 months.

I attribute a large part of my success to her. If you have the chance to work with her you should jump at the opportunity. I can’t express how thankful I am to her.

Christen Exceeded Her Usual Monthly Sales in a week

So let’s talk about manifesting money for a second. I flip a new card out the deck every day. Two years ago I applied online to be on a tv game show, I missed the last group call because they called me back and I had my first interview at that time. Today I had my official casting call recorded video to be on $100,000 pyramid. I’m stoked. The same day that I got the call asking if I was even still interested, I also got a letter in the mail from my old college that received another scholarship in 2018 that they have sitting in an account waiting for me to return, and are reimbursing me for it. 

Last week I was offered a position for next school year at the #1 private school in New Orleans to be their assistant director of college counseling. I haven’t taken them up on it yet, because I’m really not sure if working 40 hours a week for someone else is really what I am called to do. 

I’ve already gotten more website visitors the first week of February than I did all of January, which was my best month.