Revolution of Receiving Workshop


create your sustainable, nervous system nourishing, abundant Biz Plan for Multiple 6-figure years and beyond | June 14, 4pm CST

Join this live workshop, and Learn:

  • Learn how to release the HOW and break through fear on your way to success
  • The 4 steps to make increasing your income feel easier AND safe to your system (Allowing Success + Minimalist Marketing)
  • Live experiential exercises on the 4 steps above
  • Actual coaching and feedback, via Q&A AND hot seat coaching (you’re getting coached!)

Finally! The Help You Need To Map out Your Multiple 6-Figure Plan, while Learning To Enjoy Your Life Again

  • You’ve downloaded every business and marketing video, bought the courses, and consumed every post and video you can get your hands on.
  • You’ve hired amazing coaches and been in amazing programs, but it feels like something is missing. Why is this still so hard?
  • You’re getting tired of being in this alone. You want to be able to bounce ideas off of someone who cares.
  • You often question how much to charge for your products and services, and seriously…don’t even mention the word “taxes”. 
  • Your business isn’t growing at the speed that you want.
  • There are a hundred tasks and projects you could be doing but you want someone to just tell you what should do next.
  • You want a business and a life that you actually love.

It’s time to get feedback from someone who cares about how to fit your business around your life. Not the other way around.

Mark Your Calendar

Online: June 14, 4pm CST

In Person: Houston Heights (Meet at 3:30)

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