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The #1 Most Simple Course To Remove Blocks To Increase Your Income In 4 Weeks Or Less

Let’s get this out of the way…

You don’t have to be WOO WOO for your mindset to sabotage your success. Your business is a balance of practical + spiritual. 

Your mindset impacts your action deeply and profoundly in subtle ways you may never notice. 

If you believe that you cannot fail, your plans change. Your attitude changes. Your launches change. 

And if you believe that you will never get what you want, your plans change. Your attitude changes. Your launches change.

The energy that you bring to the table matters GREATLY to your success, and the only way to stop sabotaging your growth is to intentionally address your success mindset. 

Stop Waiting For Opportunity And CREATE It - Now

I am not lucky. I did not grow up encouraged. I was surrounded by stress around money, there was never enough, and afraid to ask for things like school supplies, knowing my dad would be annoyed. 

And I got up to a $14,000 sales month without truly addressing my mindset Рso you can have plenty of success without a success mindset. 

But it will be hard. 

You might burn out. 

Repeating success feels stressful. 

Once I finally realized I didn’t need another STRATEGY, but I needed to address internal blocks…

  • I nearly doubled my income month-over-month, with no new ads or strategies
  • I started working less
  • I trusted myself more
  • I felt happier and more optimistic
  • I repeated my record-breaking month effortlessly
  • I simplified my business

Oh and by the way, I’m not special. You can do these things too.

The Game Changer You're Looking For

Many Clients Say MINDSET Is What Finally Changed Things For Them

Mindset led her to trust the process and her value

Mindset led to a pivot, which led to traffic qualifying for Mediavine

Mindset led her to feel more confident launching

What You Get

7 Video Lessons

We will cover: limiting beliefs, manifestation, creating a routine way to up-level, and a business plan that balances practical with internal, so that you can elevate your mindset consistently through a routine, and permanently release blocks. More details below on the modules.

Text & Worksheets 

You’ll get very simple, specific work to do each lessons, so that you’ll actually follow through with the content and get results. You’ll also get the slides for the training so you can review content multiple times more easily.¬†

Meditations & Support 

There are two meditations included, as well as messaging support with me for 30 days, so that you don’t get stuck before finishing all the action items. To keep this course low cost, support will be via email, with a response once a week.

What is Covered

Module 1: What is mindset and why is it important.

Could what you believe about yourself impact your success or failure? The answer is yes, and here’s why.¬†

Module 2: Limiting beliefs.

The foundation of mindset work is awareness. Mindset issues that prevent progress and action often relate to limiting beliefs. A limiting belief is something you believe to be true that limits you in some way. It could be about you, other people or the world. I cover two types of limiting beliefs: about money and about yourself. Doing the exercise in this lesson is crucial before moving forward.

Module 3: Morning mindset routine.

The number one thing that will help you manage your mindset? Is consistent, daily action and maintenance. When my clients don’t meet goals, feel disappointed, or struggle to take action, the first question I ask is: have you been working on mindset? This will combine some of the work you did last week with my personal daily routine.

Module 4: Manifesting technique. 

This is a quick exercise for checking your energy around money that I did live as a bonus to my coaching clients.¬† Even before you grasp the concepts you’re going to learn in the next few weeks, you’ll really love this quick exercise.¬†

Module 5: Combining spiritual and tactical: beliefs. 

There are lots of small things that we think and do daily that sabotage our success mindset. It comes from the tension that exists between what we want and what we have. But the key to mastering this mindset is recognizing and intentionally changing these behaviors. You have to know what you want is possible. You have to separate yourself from the opinions of others. You have to be patient. You have to be kind to yourself.

Module 6: Combining spiritual and tactical: plans. 

Now it’s time to tie everything together between mindset and manifestation.¬†And it all starts by setting intentions.¬†Intentions are a fancy way of setting goals, but the word intention means more: this is our COMMITMENT to ourselves, and to the goal.

Module 7: Self forgiveness meditation. 

One component of manifesting what you want in your life is managing stress.¬†And one thing that has helped me manage stress is self forgiveness.¬†Shame, regret past failures, mistakes, etc. are NOT useful is meeting our goals. Sure, maybe you’ll get some of what you want. But it will be hard to feel awesome about it.¬†Use this meditation to tap into and practice self forgiveness.

Total Value: $2100+


What Others Are Saying

“I just finished creating my Morning Routine! I used a lot of your Habit Foundations and Affirmations because they seemed to align with my own life.

The coolest thing so far was looking at my Identity Collage and actually FEEL the love emanating from me and my husband. To SEE myself in a bigger, organized kitchen. I felt at peace knowing those were coming to me.

One thing I’ve been doing every morning is going over all of my affirmations and goals written as gratitude. During my morning prayer, I go down the list and thank God for the 8+ items- and it doesn’t feel weird saying them because I KNOW they’re coming.

A major mindset shift I’ve made is squashing my limited beliefs. With a few big projects coming to fruition, that little voice in my head starts to say, “What makes you think this will work?” But it’s very quickly replaced with, “This WILL work”, and I begin the process and stop
worrying about the results.

I seriously recommend this course to anyone who struggles with not feeling like enough. Who can’t seem to shake off negative feelings from past failures. The lessons in this course are a game-changer!

Thank you so much for creating this for us – I can’t believe how quickly my mindset is shifting towards the positive.”

– Jamie Bacon

How Is This Different Than Other Mindset Courses?

Tell me if you can relate:¬†The reason I resisted mindset work earlier in my business is that I’m an action-taker. Why would I focus on mindset when there were steps to take to get the results I wanted?

If I want to build a business and make money РI believe I have to do things, sell great stuff, and improve my strategy. Those are obviously important building blocks of earning money, right? 

So where does mindset fit it?

The thing about strategy is that: it all works, at least for someone. Or there wouldn’t be so many gurus.¬†

The longer you’re in business online the more you’ll realize, strategy isn’t what helps you win and scale over the long term.

Mastering your mindset was the FIRST of a few missing links I found to finding aligned strategies AND seeing results from them. 

In this course you will: 

  • Overcome limiting beliefs, so that you don’t have hidden blocks to being successful with your sales.
  • Create a mindset routine, so you can keep upleveling AND restoring your mindset continuously. This is the first step to getting off the roller coaster.
  • Learn how to start manifesting, so that more results don’t require more effort from you.

What's inside?

  • Mindset introduction¬†
  • How to start reframing
  • Morning mindset routine (vision, theater of the mind, values and affirmations)
  • 10 minute manifesting technique (Multiple students report getting unexpected money within days of watching this)
  • Combining mindset and tactical for your beliefs
  • Combining mindset and tactical for plans
  • Self forgiveness meditation
  • Homework worksheets for each module
  • Videos for each module

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Meet The Creator:
Alison Reeves

I’ve been marketing online since 2011 and have always had some kind of side hustle to increase my income. Even as a high performer, I was underpaid for my work and thought: one day, after doing this long enough, someone will pay me what I’m worth.¬†

I read this from a popular money coach, Amanda Francis: no one will pay you as much as you will pay yourself. 

Then in 2017 when my husband got laid off, I finally realized I couldn’t live this way anymore. I got serious about creating¬† a business where I could have full control over making more money.¬†

But it wasn’t easy.

The first thing that finally changed the game for me was investing in a 1:1 coach.¬†But my income didn’t increase reliably until I finally started going DEEPER instead of bigger.¬†

One of my super powers is strategy and monetization. It comes naturally to me, I’m technologically intuitive, and I love helping people develop and sell offers.

Mindset was something that took intention and effort for me to learn, which is why I feel called to teach it to people who are like I was. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I access the course? Immediately!

How is it possible to earn more money just by working on my mindset?¬†I know it sounds WOO, but trust me: there is also science behind mindset. Your brain can only process a small percentage of what you encounter every day; so by simply choosing what to focus on and working on your mindset = you can see opportunities you didn’t see before. Your mindset impacts your action. We think earning more money has to be hard: so in small, subtle ways, we make it hard. My biggest jump in income to date happened without any new strategies, and I believe I can teach you the same.¬†

What if I don’t believe in manifesting? This course is focused on mindset, but it does have one meditation specifically focused on manifesting. The video is based on visualization, and feeling into a goal, so it’s not pushing any beliefs. I sometimes like to interchange the word “manifest” for building “faith”.¬†

What if I go through the course and my mindset still sucks? Probably what will happen is that you’ll go through the course, and have some mindset wins. Then eventually you’ll struggle with mindset again. This is normal! I change my routine up often, BUT ALSO: mindset is just one step to having the most blissful business possible. Mindset allows you to also start working with embodiment, your nervous system, the art of allowing, and so much more. Mindset is the gateway to ease. So, you will get results from this course. And then it will take self accountability to keep taking action towards your mindset restoration.

How long will I have access to the information?¬†You’ll have access to the course for the lifetime of the course. More specifically, a minimum of a year but probably way longer.

What is the refund policy?¬†I don’t do refunds for most of my courses due to the nature of digital content. There aren’t refunds available for this course. If you’re unsure about buying, email hello[at] with any questions!¬†

Earnings disclaimer: All the testimonials included on our websites, programs, products and/or services are real-world examples and stories of other people’s experiences with our programs, products and/or services. But they are not intended to serve as a guarantee that you will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s performance is different and your results will vary accordingly. 

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