stacked and steady ads and funnels

For content creators who are ready to automate their sales and achieve next level freedom, confidence and joy.

It's Time For You To Strategically Step Into Your Power

This is all my reality, and I am ready to hold this space for you too.

Hi there! I'm Alison.

After 9 years in corporate marketing leadership roles, I realized how frustrating it was to grow my own business’s income…even though I’d done it for multi-million dollar companies!

After I connected those dots, I began teaching others, and now I’m creating Stacked & Steady as a way to help you get off the launch roller coaster, and step into next level sales – and next level freedom.

stacked and steady ads and funnels

A 12-week experience for the high level blogger or influencer who is READY to automate their course sales by optimizing your customer journey, and running Facebook ads.

The goal of this program is to help you take what is working for you already, and grow it more quickly with ads.

You know your audience. They’ve bought your stuff, and loved it. You know how to create great content, and have a start to an email list and growing audience.

But you’re tired of your current rate of growth. 

You don’t need handholding or another generic course – you just need direction, feedback and a clear path to increasing sales without relying on organic traffic alone.

Together, we’re going to identify exactly what your next steps are to start automating your sales, all the while clearing out any clutter that’s standing in your way.

Next level confidence, organization,  systems, cash flow, leadership.

Consider this your commitment to go all in on yourself.

Designed specifically for content creators and creative experts like you who have courses, services and coaching offers they sell - but want to sell more of automatically.

After adding an ads strategy to my organic sales process...

  • Went from inconsistent sales to consistent $10,000 months to my first $38,000 month
  • Learned to trust myself increasingly more, and do things my way
  • Began relying on a small and growing team to help me do things that drain my energy, so I can focus on my favorite parts of my business
  • Created my own innovative systems, and stopped the unproductive cycle of trying to follow the next guru’s advice
  • Learned to simplify my business tremendously, which led to my first $60,000+ month
  • …And more. And some of my clients have done BETTER

And I'm Finally ready to help Others Do The Same...

Next Level Leadership

I highly believe in outsourcing, and also highly believe in empowering you to master each skill yourself before ever hiring help. Become empowered by mapping out your customer journey and running your own campaigns.

Next Level Income

This program is only for you if you care about increasing your income, and are willing to do some hard work for the potential payoff. I love launching and still do it, but I don't want to rely on launches or constantly creating content for my income. Ads and systems allow me to sell more stuff without necessarily working more.

Next Level Confidence

You're joining the for automation, coaching, and ads support. But you're also joining it to become more confident, maybe for the first time, to deeply trust yourself. This isn't a cookie cutter program - you're growing your business YOUR way.

…You caught that right? 

This program isn't only focused on automating sales, it's about reconnecting with the life of your dreams and why you started this in the first place.

in This 3-Month experience You Will...

stacked and steady ads and funnels

Massive Value + Coaching

What You Get When You're Ready to Step into Your Next Level

Even winning business owners need support, and that’s why we’re holding weekly office hours. Unlike structured coaching calls you might have attended in other programs, this is a chance for you to pop in, get what you need, and leave. The coaches who lead this call will rotate to make sure you get any and all support you need.

Because you’ve sold your stuff before – we don’t want to re-invent the wheel or push you into new templates you don’t need. That’s why you’ll get short, specific bi-weekly 1:1 calls throughout the program. 

On the calls we will cover: income strategy, customer journey review, copy call, Facebook ad kickoff, launch checklist, Facebook ad go-live. 

This is your first call where you’ll go over what you’ve done and what is working so we can build on that. We will loosely map out how you’ll sell your unique products on autopilot, and also orient you to the tools and resources in the program. You’ll end the call with a roadmap that you can return to throughout the program.

A lot of the magic will happen between calls in the Facebook group. Ask questions if you miss office hours, share wins, get feedback on content, and stay accountable. 

Elevated Mindset: Develop a simple routine to up-level your mindset

Offer and Messaging: Get your avatar and offer messaging audited and ready for more traffic

Funnels and Customer Journey: Map out the unique way you’ll scale your sales

Lead Magnet and Nurture: Create or optimize a lead magnet if it’s relevant to your roadmap

Facebook ads: Create a business manager account from scratch, start growing your audience for as little as $5 per day, and learn everything you need to know about creating campaigns

BONUS – Organic Launching: If we decide there is something missing from your product suite, use a simple process for launching.

BONUS – Organic Traffic: Learn how to grow your organic traffic in addition to paid traffic. 

$1,400 OFF Through September 2021

Some Results...

Shannon became a 6-figure blogger in less than 12 weeks.

Before: Had a month as high as $9,000 with organic traffic, but had no idea how to replicate it.

After: Launched a super aligned offer, and quickly automated the sales process and drove Facebook ads to make thousands per day.

Desiree made 30% more money by working 15% less.

Before: Had a month as high as a $2,500 month, but had very limited time to grow her organic traffic with a busy life and 9 kids (not a typo! haha)

After: Drove Facebook ad traffic directly to a sales page for a $97 course and makes money on autopilot while working less.

LeCresha went from $500 months to over $6,000.

Before: Had a $27 course that was profitable, but wasn’t sure what to do next to grow her income.

After: Optimized what she was selling, added more products to sell, increased her ad budget, and had a $6,000 month. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What results can I expect? At the very least, you should expect to implement an automated customer journey by way of an optimized online funnel, and have a Facebook ad campaign running to one or multiple funnels.

Who is this for? Online entrepreneurs who have a digital education product or service to sell. 

What is your refund policy? No refunds or cancellations of payment plans. Commit to this program, and we commit to you. 

What if I need more than 12 weeks? Continue on for a deeply  discounted month to month rate.

Earnings disclaimer: All the testimonials included on our websites, programs, products and/or services are real-world examples and stories of other people’s experiences with our programs, products and/or services. But they are not intended to serve as a guarantee that you will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s performance is different and your results will vary accordingly. Learn more.

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