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Even With A Small Or Non-Existent Audience

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Ready To Sell Higher Value Offers...With More Ease?

Above all else, you've convinced yourself that you have to have a huge audience to make money. (<-- This is a lie)

PLEASE NOTE: What you're about to discover is designed specifically for people who want to increase their income online, but have a small audience or are struggling to get sales with their email list. It's for people who have have a go-getter attitude, are willing to do something new that might require some discomfort, and will TRUST the process. If you'd rather hide behind a keyboard or stay broke, this might not be for you.

Nellwyn Completely Sold Out In 4 Weeks

After launching online for the first time

Nellwyn came to me because as a published Memoir Author, she had some success selling her course in-person to friends…

But had no idea if it could work online (and if so, how?)

While working together, we leveraged her existing opportunities to sell out her program online in 4 weeks, get sales for the next round, and completely book up her 1:1 availability. 

"Thanks for everything this past month - it's been really incredible. I no longer have to take on projects I’m not interested in just for the money, and I’m excited about my work everyday. I'm currently *completely* booked, so that's really exciting."

What if there was a way to expedite sales - while building a growing audience?

STOP: Waiting until your email list is a certain size before you create your first offer.

STOP: Thinking that only spammy companies utilize organic social media for sales.

START: Getting creative about what to sell and how to sell it.

START: Seeing an innovative organic sales process as a SERVICE. Utilize attraction marketing to get prospects to literally raise their hands and say "I want this".

Best of all? Learn how to curate attention instead of wait for it, and how to package higher ticket offers so you can monetize your audience more easily, regardless of size.

Ready to learn more?

Rachel Made $14,000 In 4 Weeks

With no audience and no website.

Rachel came to me because she had a ton of corporate experience in marketing and product development, but she was ready to go off on her own so she could stay home full time.

She launched her offer, the Bulletproof Business, and quickly helped clients see results. She made $14k her first month.

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Learn How To Use Social Media To Increase Leads & Sales For Mid-Ticket & High Ticket Offers

In 2017 after I first began coaching, I thought the fastest way to success was complex funnels and expensive ads.

But at the end of the year? I had over $15,000 in expenses and not a lot to show for it.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m grateful for that experience. But by mid-2018 I’d burned out, wasn’t having fun and took a break. 

In 2019, I picked things up again, but was depending on draining LIVE launches every time I wanted to sell something. After my first $14,000 month, I made exactly $0 the next month.

I KNEW there had to be a better way. 

Enter: Social Selling

Launching is problematic when you’re newer to online business because if you don’t have an audience, you won’t get sales. 

So…what if you don’t launch? 

What if you stopped relying on the “product ladder” (having 5 different price points for 5 different things before you even know what people will ACTUALLY buy from you…)

What if you could start selling your offer without using ads?

What if you could sell your program before you build it, instead of launching things that fail?

Once I started relying on organic social selling…

  • My income started increasing more consistently 
  • I was able to more easily manage my time and energy
  • I went from 10k, to 20k, to 30k months
  • I felt happier and more optimistic
  • I repeated record-breaking months more easily
  • I used ads to augment my sales, rather than create all of them

Started Booking More Sessions & Clients

And increased his Instagram engagement.

Ches is someone who I know from my past life as a Marketing Manager, and like me, he was side-hustling to increase his income. He joined the Small Audience Sales System to refine his offer, raise his prices, and create more passive income. Without even completing the course, he’s already started booking more sessions and clients, has a plan for the year for higher value offers, and has higher engagement than ever. 

Massive Value in Course + Bonuses

What You Get When You Buy The "Small Audience Sales System"


You’ll use my market research strategies and offer creation techniques to craft your high ticket offer and validate your idea.


You’ll get my personal sales script and sales training on how to get people to raise their hand and say “YES, I want this”.


You’ll learn how I use social media in a unique and consistent way to generate leads.


Learn how to launch a Facebook group organically, how to launch new offers and the basics of Facebook ads. 


I’m throwing in pieces of my course, Success Mindset Mastery course. Create a routine for upleveling to a 6-figure mindset so you can make more money without working more hours.

I’m throwing in pieces of my course, Success Mindset Mastery course. Create a routine for upleveling to a 6-figure mindset so you can make more money without working more hours.

Gain access to previous live training videos and Q&A’s. Includes additional training, meditations, mindset and other misc. questions.

Instead of one-sided Q&A calls, this time we are doing 6 live group Zoom coaching calls focused on mindset, offers, content review, scaling, marketing and sales.

A temporary place to ask questions, commiserate and get support.  Available for 6 weeks or more. 

$7,600 In 30 Days With No Audience

And quit her job.

Samantha had some previous entrepreneur success and direct sales experience, but was anxious to leave her demanding job where she was never home – to spend more time at home while making more money.  She had HUGE initial success. But what makes her story even MORE interesting is the slump she experienced and how she recovered from a “success hangover”. She’s now made as much as $10,000 in one week.

How Does This Course Work?

The Perfect, Most Simple Course For High Ticket & Mid-Ticket Offer Creation, Validation & Scaling

Pivoted From Counselor To Coach

Started selling $2,000 packages instead of hourly rates.

Janika has a successful therapy practice for couples, and loves what she does. Problem was: she felt like her income was capped, and hated being limited to her local offer. 

We worked together to structure a coaching offer for single women that Janika was OBSESSED with, so she could add $2,000 coaching packages to her offerings. 

Who Is This Program For?

This course is for anyone who wants to sell things online. It is best for coaches, consultants, course creators and service providers.

While the course has the words “high ticket accelerator” – I’ve had clients use these techniques to increase sales on offers ranging from $7 to $7,500 (literally). 

The problem many new online entrepreneurs face is having a small audience or email list. 

And while having an email list is crucial for sales, especially long term, I want you to know: that doesn’t mean you have to have NO sales in the mean time. 

Using my social selling techniques is how many of my clients – bloggers AND coaches alike – are getting sales faster than they would relying on emails and funnels alone. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I access the course? You can access the course immediately. 

What is the refund policy? If you do not access the course content, you can have a refund within 72 hours of purchasing the course. If you access course content, no refunds will be issued. This course is for people who really want it, and who are ready to do it. 

What results can I expect? Coaching clients who use these techniques end up making between $0 to $20,000 their first month. Very few clients make $0 after 12 weeks. I don’t know what results you’ll see in this program, as it’s the first time I’ve launched it as a course. 

But I do know that the potential is tremendous, and this strategy ALWAYS works. 

Emma Got 4 Sales Calls In 24 Hours

With one post on social media.

Emma is an entrepreneur friend who came to me a bit desperate after having a few hugely successful months. 

She’d been so successful and was doing so much client work…that she slacked on her marketing and didn’t have any more leads in the pipeline!

She went through my social sales training, implemented what I taught, and had 4 prospect calls 24 hours later.

Hi, I'm Alison.

I’ve been marketing online since 2011 and have always had some kind of side hustle to increase my income. Even as a high performer in my career, I was underpaid for my work and thought: one day, after doing this long enough, someone will pay me what I’m worth. 

Then one day I finally learned: no one will pay you as much as you will pay yourself. (Quote: Amanda Francis)

Then in 2017 when my husband got laid off, I finally realized I couldn’t live this way anymore. I got serious about creating  a business where I could have full control over making more money. 

But it wasn’t easy. 

Without guidance, I over-spent, floundered in constant pivoting and indecision, and worked way too much.

The first thing that finally changed the game for me was investing in a 1:1 coach. 

But my income didn’t increase reliably until I did something most coaches don’t do… I stopped launching.

What I’m teaching in the S.A.S.S. program is information that previously wasn’t available for anyone other than 1:1 clients. 

But I know you need this…

And I want as many of you to have it as possible. So I packaged it to make it more accessible. 

$38,000 in sales with $300 in ads

I used organic sales, augmented by paid ads, for a $38k month

I averaged $10k months for about 6 months with some ups and downs, before exploding to my first $38k month and an average of $25k months. 

ALL because I mastered organic sales – and used ads to augment my sales, rather than bring them all in.

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