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map out your entire 2024 marketing strategy on one page

Lemme want to grow your audience and make more money in 2024. Yes?

And You Know That Having a Marketing Plan That You Actually Implement, Is The #1 Key To Achieving Just That.

The Problem Is…

😭 You create plans all the time, but have a hard time following through

😭 You question whether the marketing plan you create will work, or is focused on the right things

😭 You don’t know how to get back on track when life happens, and once you fall behind, you feel overwhelmed on catching up

If You’re Over There Nodding Your Glasses Slid Down Your Face, I’ve Got Some Good News To Share:

There’s A Simpler, Easy Way — Keep On Reading!

Wouldn't it be nice if you could...

🤠 Create a simple step-by-step process for creating your own personalized marketing plan that is literally one page

🤠 Know exactly what to focus on when you need to make adjustments or take breaks

🤠 Minimized Your To Do List, And felt super ridiculously confident in it

🤠 Know how to get new buyers, and how to make more profit from existing ones

And All Without Pushy Sales Tactics, Heavy Launches, Or Posting 24/7 On Social?

Well I've Got Some Good News To Share...

That’s the real power of leveraging this new resource! Introducing…

The Minimalist Marketing Plan

An epic training, template, workbook and more on creating a reliable and effective ONE page marketing plan…that you’ll actually DO.


With Minimalist Marketing Plan you will be able to:

  • Understand how to choose the most effective tasks and platforms for marketing and sales, based on either your current business, or your dream business
  • Get a template and other resources to reduce any legwork in getting your marketing plan started
  • Replace (or augment) years of blogging with a simple, repeatable strategy 

And the best part? You can get it for just $27

Whar They're Saying...

This is a brand new offer, so there’s no testimonials. But here’s some other success I’ve had helping people!

Here’s What You’ll Learn Inside The Minimalist Marketing Plan

  • The six steps in the one page marketing plan, and how YOU can choose what to do in each step for your unique business
  • Your minimum viable actions for success, no fluff, all tied to whatever your main goal is (audience, sales, or something else)
  • How to infuse your marketing with magic, personality, and alignment. 


And we cover it all in less than 75 minutes so you can start creating and implementing your 2024 marketing plan, starting today.

What's Included...For Just $27

Minimalist Marketing Plan training

75-minute live training, edited into bite sized videos in a course, on how to create the one page marketing plan for you and your unique business. Watch your to do list shrink in 60 minutes or less!

One Page Marketing Plan template

A beautiful, printable template that you can fill out for 2024, and fill in again and again every year (or every month!)

Marketing Plan Audit replays

I will review at least three people’s one page marketing plans with them live on video, and you’ll get access to the replays so you can get more clarity on any questions or hiccups you have after the live training. 

Aligned Offer Workbook

This is a workbook I created for a paid Aligned Offer Workshop, and contains journaling prompts and educational text to help you choose aligned offers you want to focus on. 

Marketing Magic Workshop replay + notes doc

This is a replay of a previous paid workshop I did on how to create magic in your marketing, and comes with both the replay and my Google notes doc so you can make a copy and easily follow along, take notes, and take action.

You might be wondering...

FAQ coming soon!

The Minimalist Marketing Plan

What’s included

  • Minimalist Marketing Plan training. Delivered live, and edited into digestible chunks in a course
  • One Page Marketing Plan template
  • Marketing Plan Audit replays
  • Aligned Offer Workbook
  • Marketing Magic Workshop replay + notes doc

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