Learn How To Go From Having An Expensive Hobby to Creating A Money Making Business - On Your Terms

In This Training, Learn...

  • Why you’re struggling to monetize, even after creating a great blog with great content
  • How serving your audience through your own offers (courses, services, products, coaching) can help you make money more quickly AND set you up better for ads and affiliates *later*
  • The 3 top mistakes you’re currently making if you’re struggling to make more money
  • The secret to massively grow your community for free with raving fans so that you’re intentionally building an audience of people who want to buy from you
  • My 4-step framework for a profitable blog that will help you balance quick wins with long-term strategy, monetize your blog faster, and stack your income

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Meet The Speaker

Blogging Since 2011. Coaching Since 2017.

In 2011, I created my first blog to sell acrylic paintings I started making after my dad suddenly passed away. That blog unexpectedly propelled me in my marketing career, and I when on to help several multi-million dollar award-winning companies increase their revenue by leveraging blogs. 

But I wasn’t happy working for someone else. 

Here’s a secret: no one will pay you as much as you will pay yourself. 

After my husband got laid off unexpectedly in 2017, I became started the journey that would lead me to accelerate my passive blog income,  and figure out some shortcuts. And in 2019, I began helping others do the same.

In this Masterclass – I teach that exact process.

…See you there?