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We figured out the #1 secret that Most Blog gurus and influencers don't want you to know.

Your Narrow thinking about monetization is the reason your blog's income is stuck.

...But why?

Because most bloggers and influencers flit around from strategy to strategy that they see others using, rather than thinking about the long term and their ability to control scale.

With most blogging businesses, the focus is first on affiliates: use what others have done and accept pennies for a sale here and there until you have traffic. Then once you have traffic your focus is on ads: "passive income" that leads you obsessing over algorithms and waiting the long game for traffic to increase.

And while these are profitable ways to grow a blog - they are not the fastest. Even worse?

Depending on your niche, relying on these strategies alone leaves you destined to fail.


The blogging and influencer industry encourages you to focus on the wrong things.

Bloggers and influencers often unintentionally feel like an affiliate program pyramid scheme. Start a blog. Then blog about blogging. Become an influencer, and influence about influencing.

But do you see the common thread?

Sure, they're making money with ads, affiliates, partnerships and brand deals. They start with traditional methods of monetizing blogs. They DO have success with the methods they're selling you. But catch this: often the way that they grow exponentially in less time...

...is by selling their own courses and services.

That's why it can feel like "nothing is working".

...Affiliate marketing can be profitable, but has very low payouts while you're still growing your traffic, and can be hard to scale.

...Making money with ads is amazing, but not really passive at all when you consider how much SEO is required to have high enough traffic to have a full time income.

...Brand deals are great, but you're probably undercharging and let's be honest: amazing vacations and free products don't pay the mortgage.

Think about most the bloggers you know: Neil Patel, Melyssa Griffin, Pay Flynn, Rachel Hollis.

...They all sell courses and products 🙂

The real power in your blogging business comes from creating a business and brand around *your own* offers. Because then you have total control of your life and business, regardless of algorithm changes.

So, I have another idea.

let jeff bezos keep that $2 you worked 3 months to earn, and sell things that actually feel worth it

Maybe You Feel Like I used To And...

And maybe you want this instead...

This is all my reality, and the reality of the content creators I work with. And you CAN have this too.

Hi there! I'm Alison.

My unique approach to innovating on existing knowledge, tapping into hidden profits and finding methods that work for ME regardless of what others say – has been the gateway to my own personal and repeated business transformation by harnessing my intuition to create success.

The development of processes such as the low energy launch method and the small audience sales system have repeatedly been described as game changers for content creators who purchased many courses, had some wins, but struggled to have the dollar signs to show for all their effort. In short: 

I connect the dots from your ideas to actually making money – once and for all.

My minimalist approach to growing businesses for content creators has been proven to help bloggers and influencers not only often accelerate short term success, but more importantly: empower them to continue elevating even after working together.  

I’ve been blogging since 2011, managing corporate marketing since 2012, coaching since 2017, and in 2020 I sold my first blog. I created the Monetization Accelerator Program as a streamlined way to teach you how to make money more reliably with your blog.

Increase Traffic

Make More Money

Grow Community

These content creators increased their income with existing blogs or followers, just by making a few small changes to how they were growing, marketing, and selling.

From $500 to $2,000+ Months

Kate had her first $2000+ month and qualified for Mediavine

This $2,000 doesn’t include Mediavine, which Kate qualified for during the course of the program.

Kate had an amazing following and decent traffic, but was struggling to make meaningful income from her decorating blog.
Kate had a major mindset shift while working in the Monetization Accelerator Program that led to a slight pivot, massive traffic increase, and way more sales for her decorating design offer.


  • Lots of wins, including being featured in major publications
  • Not many dollar signs, besides some ad revenue and sponsorships
  • Had purchased other courses, but still felt stuck in next steps
  • Had a massive following on Instagram, but didn’t know how to make more meaningful income from it
  • Had good traffic, but was stagnant at 15,000 monthly page views and unsure of how to get unstuck


  • Realized that her main issue wasn’t just strategy, it was mindset
  • Started selling a $500 design offer confidently
  • Shifted her Pinterest strategy to go from 15,000 monthly page views to over 25,000
  • Pivoted during COVID to become more relevant and timely, and increased her traffic to the point of qualifying for Mediavine

Income Increased 411%

Desire Used Course Sales To Increase Her Income 411% Month Over Month

Desiree came to the Monetization Accelerator Program and as she says – had a LOT of wins! 

But none of them had dollar signs.

She made a few course sales in her first launch, but in her second launch, she increased her income by 411% month.


  • Was a great writer and truly felt that her blog was part of her ministry and mission
  • Had decent traffic, but didn’t quite know how to make money from it
  • Felt defeated and had come to believe she was nobly fighting a hopeless battle


  • Began selling courses to her growing email list
  • Hit her first $1,000 month, and had a process to continue to increase her income through creating and selling more courses
  • Has other bloggers wanting to sell her courses to THEIR lists as well, creating even more passive income

Attaliah Replaced Her Full Time Nursing Job

Attaliah was moving to Germany, and need to replace her nursing income ASAP

Attaliah had a growing Instagram audience, and has made money “here and there” offering various things – but nothing was sticking and she didn’t feel confident about how everything worked together. 

She joined MAP, learned how to listen to her audience, and replaced her nursing income in just a couple months.


  • Growing audience, but not sure what to sell
  •  Had some ideas, but didn’t know how to put everything together into a sellable offer
  • Loved her nursing job, but was moving to Germany and needed a new income generator ASAP


  • Launched a profitable beta, and got clients results
  • Using her own stratgies, exploded her Instagram account even more, and contextualized her content to build an audience of buyers
  • Replaced her nursing income, and is empowered to continue to grow her income on her own

Kim had her first $1,000 month

After having a great blog with great content and having $200 months previously

Kim is an experienced blogger who makes printables other bloggers and creators can commercially license and sell on their platforms.

She was struggling to build an audience and increase sales, but she KNEW she needed out of the 60-hour workweek forever so she could be home with her newborn. She made some massive mindset shifts, did a ton of market research, re-launched her offer, and had her first month over $1,000. 


  • Was earning about $200 monthly – sometimes more, sometimes less
  • Had a newborn, and knew she couldn’t keep up with her career schedule anymore
  • Knew she was in a small niche, and wasn’t sure how she would grow her income


  • After doing market research, re-worked a lot of the designs of the products she was selling
  • Re-launched her shop and had her first $1,000 month
  • Learned how to increase her income in a small niche by inviting others to sell her products

More Client Results

Shannon struggled to make a meaningful income even though she had a large following on Instagram and TikTok. After re-working what she was selling and how she was selling it, she made $7,000 in one day selling a $12 printable. 

Ashley started a membership to help parents help their kids with reading in a more fun way. She loved her membership but felt stuck on how to grow it. She joined MAP and learned how to sell more easily and more often. She went from 100,000 monthly impressions on Pinterest to over 1 million.

Diana was stuck on how to make more money with her blog on making money through antique and vintage items. After deciding on a new course to sell, learning better messaging, and optimizing how she sold it, she had her best blog month ever.

chrissie reise

Attaliah launched multiple courses on Instagram and Reels, earning multiple-4-figures, and her clients got amazing results. 

Dave used income stacking to launch a business that earned him mid-ticket and high-ticket monthly recurring revenue.

Jena sold her first coaching spot for $750, had her first 50k session month for traffic, increased her book sales and increased her partnership opportunities.

Merilee increased her income from her blog and Instagram audience, and made $7500 in her course launch. 

Hannah’s email list grew like crazy after she launched a successful and quickly growing Facebook group. 

Dawn Became An inclusive fashion consultant

Dawn used her new blog to get clients for fashion consulting, and also makes passive income with affiliates.

Dawn is an experienced marketing and sales professional who wanted to make money doing something that was meaningful and fun. 

She made some progress on her blog before MAP, but didn’t know what to do after writing content and going live with the blog to actually start making money.


  • Barely completed the blog after buying several courses, and wasn’t sure what to do next
  • Kept getting stuck on small technical issues and felt frustrated
  • Knew her blog was meaningful and would help people, but didn’t know how to reach them


  • Made money with multiple fashion consulting clients
  • Has as much traffic in February 2021 as she did for the entire last 6 months of 2021
  • Earns passive income from affiliates
  • Knows exactly what to do to continue to grow her income over and over again

Andrea Used Her Blog To Sell A Membership

And now earns passive income every month.

How Andrea Used Her Blog To Launch Her Membership
Andrea is a long-time blogger and social media strategist. And while she knew what she was doing – like many of my clients – she struggled to connect the dots between her blog AND a meaningful income.

Watch her story and learn what shifts she made to leverage her blog to launch her successful membership!


  • Purchased great programs and courses, but needed direction on what to sell and how to sell it
  • Had a website that was build by a developer, and didn’t know how to edit it on her own
  • Traffic and email list were small, and didn’t know how to get more eyeballs on her content


  • Changed her Pinterest strategy, and increased traffic which led to gaining email subscribers faster
  • Created a monthly membership that she felt really excited to sell and confident about
  • Sold her membership succesfully, with the first sale being an annual pay-in-full

Ashley Used Her Blog to Scale a Membership

Ashley mastered Pinterest to 3x her email list, increase membership sales, and explode her visibility

Ashley successfully launched her membership under the support of an amazing coach in 2020. Problem was? She didn’t know what to do next to continue to grow her audience. 

Now, Ashley’s content gets viewed by millions, her membership and income grow as her audience grows, and she feels excited and optimistic.


  • Successful membership to parents who want to learn how to teach their kids to read, but no idea how to grow it
  • Got amazing results for clients, and had no idea how to reach more people
  • Had a finished website and sales page, but no eyeballs on it besides her personal network


  • Tripled the size of her email list for free
  • Learned a process for selling more of the membership, AND selling other offers
  • Consistently gets traffic from Pinterest to grow her email list, and had a viral pin skyrocket her to over 1 million monthly impressions

Shannon became a 6-figure blogger

Shannon figured out what to sell, and how to make it evergreen and scaled to 6-figures in 3 months.

Shannon had gone viral on TikTok once before and had a $9,000 month. So, she knew she had massive potential but wasn’t sure on how to capitalize on it. 

Working together, we clarified her passion, personality, chose a product and she took fast action that led to a second viral video, a $7,000 day, and became a 6-figure blogger in 3 months after 5 years of blogging.


  • Had massive success, but no idea how to repeat it
  • Spinning her wheels on one-million social media platforms, and not sure how to optimize her effort
  • Had an email list of 70,000 people, but no idea how to make money with it


  • Decided on an offer to sell that was massively aligned with her actual interest
  • Implemented a super simple sales strategy to test the idea, which went viral
  • Quickly made the product evergreen and worked with me to scale it to consistently profitable days, 100% passively 

Hannah had her first $1,000 month

Had a great blog – but no idea what to sell.

Hannah learned how to make money as a food blogger – and hit her first $1000 month!

Hannah Stewart is a food blogger at My Family Dinner.

Hannah was a successful blogger who had some wins before I met her – but not a lot of dollar signs to show for it.


  • Low traffic, no community
  • Lots of great blog posts, but no idea what to sell
  • People seemed excited about what she was doing, but she didn’t know how to translate that into a business


  • Launched her first successful service on the food blog
  • Developed a separate service based offer that she sold organically, and had her first $1,000 month
  • Generated monthly, long-term recurring income so she could relax when baby was born

Earnings disclaimer: All the testimonials included on our websites, programs, products and/or services are real-world examples and stories of other people’s experiences with our programs, products and/or services. But they are not intended to serve as a guarantee that you will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s performance is different and your results will vary accordingly. Learn more.

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