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  • Have you bought blogging or business courses, only to find yourself confused, or not following through?
  • Ever get frustrated and just want to ASK someone a question, or how to do something?
  • Have you busted your butt creating content to grow your blog traffic, only to still be stagnant in your page views?
  • Do you want to make money blogging, but WISH there was an easier or faster way?
  • Do you dream of having more flexibility?

Then keep reading…

PLEASE NOTE: What you're about to discover is designed specifically for bloggers who love creating content, but struggle to connect the dots between having a great blog, and actually making money from it. It's for people who are willing to take massive, imperfect action, want a high touch approach, and are NOT willing to make $0 on their blog for years. If you'd rather hide behind a keyboard or give up easily, this might not be for you.

From $500 to $2,000

Kate had her first $2000+ month and qualified for Mediavine

This $2,000 doesn’t include Mediavine, which Kate qualified for during the course of the program.

Kate had an amazing following and decent traffic, but was struggling to make meaningful income from her decorating blog.
Kate had a major mindset shift while working in the Monetization Accelerator Program that led to a slight pivot, massive traffic increase, and way more sales for her decorating design offer.

What if there was a way to use a blog to make money in weeks or months, instead of waiting years for meaningful progress ?

STOP: Buying low cost courses and succumbing to FOMO & information overwhelm.

STOP: Waiting until your email list is a certain size before you sell.

START: Getting creative about building your audience.

START: Seeing quick wins and taking massive, imperfect action to make progress with your blog faster.

Best of all? Grow your community, stack your income, and start creating more flexibility for yourself.

Ready to learn more?

Welcome To The:

alison reeves monetization accelerator program

The Last Program You'll Need To Connect The Dots On How To Monetize A Blogging Business

You’re passionate about helping people. 
You’re excited not only about making money, but about impacting people’s lives, too. Your life has changed, and you’re ready to spread the transformation.

You want to make money. 

You genuinely want to help people…but you also gotta pay bills! 
You started using content for your business knowing you could find clients and make money. And you’ve invested in yourself already, but you haven’t seen much progress. Zip. Zero. Nada.
You feel discouraged and frustrated. 
You have something amazing to offer, and sometimes feel others passing you by. When will it be YOUR turn??

Listen Up: Your Time Is Now

In just a few months, you can take all this incredibly hard work you’ve done and start seeing results.
The piece you’re missing?
A simplified, streamlined process to focus your efforts on the few things that actually matter *right now*.

Massive Value Course + Coaching + Bonuses

What You Learn When You Buy The "Monetization Accelerator Program"


Focus on making sure people resonate with what you’re saying within seconds of coming to your site. 


Generate leads on autopilot that warm your growing community for what you plan to sell. 

traffic acceleration

Use unique and simple traffic strategies to grow your traffic quickly, balancing quick wins with long-term stratgies.


Create a routine for upleveling to a 6-figure mindset. 


Use our simple market research strategies and sales templates to create offers your list loves.

How Is The Program Delivered

  • 20+ Training Modules
  • Refine your messaging
  • Master attraction marketing
  • Accelerate free traffic to your offer
  • Launch a course or offer you can scale
  • 4 Months Of Coaching Calls
  • Heavy focus on implementation
  • Course community coaching threads
  • Accountability
  • Course Community
  • Digital Marketing QuickStart course
  • Free offer Frenzy course
  • Pinterest for Beginners videos
  • Sales page audit
    ​Email templates

Bonuses Details

24/7 Access to an engaged community of students and coaches.

Create your own website in a weekend, and never get stuck on tech.

Learn my marketing techniques to create amazing lead magnets. 

Additional videos for people new to Pinterest.

Professional sales page audit and video feedback.

Email templates for your nurture campaign AND for sales.

Total Value: $23,000+

Start for $400 (x8)

Income Increased 411%

Desire Increased Her Income 411% Month Over Month

Desiree came to the Monetization Accelerator Program and as she says – had a LOT of wins! 

But none of them had dollar signs.
She made a few course sales in her first launch, but in her second launch, she increased her income by 411% month.


Warning #1: This is a coaching program, not a course.

During the 12 weeks, you’ll have weekly hot seat coaching sessions with myself, and additional coaching sessions with other coaches.

This isn’t a program you can buy and sit on a shelf.

Not only will I keep you accountable, but others in the program are going to light a fire under your bum too.

This is a game changer.

I am there every step of the way.

Warning #2: This program only works if you work.

This isn’t a shortcut to success, but it is a *simplified path* to making money with your content.

It still requires hard work with consistent effort, but you will no longer be spinning your wheels wondering if you’re doing the right thing.

Warning #3: Everyone’s success will be different.

If you follow along and bust your butt in the group, you WILL make progress, period. And your process and growth moving forward will be simplified.

How much? I have no idea. Your niche and products will vary widely. But what I can tell you is that the time you put in won’t be wasted anymore.

Frequently Asked Questions

What results can I expect? Results vary depending on where you are in your blogging journey. If you start with nothing, you can expect (at the very least) to get your blog live, start getting traffic, and finish at least one launch. 

If you have a large existing audience but aren’t making money (or not much) you can expect to see much bigger results. 
Students’ results range from making their first money EVER, to making $15,000 in their first 30 days. 

What results can I expect? Coaching clients who use these techniques end up making between $0 to $14,000 their first month. Very few clients make $0 after 12 weeks. I don’t know what results you’ll see in this program, as it’s the first time I’ve launched it as a course. 

But I do know that the potential is tremendous, and this strategy ALWAYS works. 

How is this different than other blog courses? I’ve purchased a LOT of programs ranging from $7 to $10,000, and I’ve purchased multiple blog courses in the $1,000-$2,000 price range. Most of them have great training but little support. I created MAP specifically because there was no reasonably priced HIGH TOUCH program for bloggers.

Why buy a course for $1500 that only has a weekly Facebook live and course, when you can buy a program that ends the need to keep buying courses?

What is your refund policy?

We offer no refunds AND no cancellations. Reason being – the course material alone far exceeds the value of the program, and upon starting your payment plan or pay in full plan, you gain immediate access to the course content – which you keep for life.

People use cancellations as their way out when things get hard. This program is going to push you to IMPLEMENT. Sometimes it will be fun, sometimes it will be hard, but every time – people amaze themselves.

Commit to yourself and you will see breakthroughs.

Who is this for? The Monetization Accelerator Program is for content creators who want to leverage a blog to increase their income.

That said, many clients see results from the program, even aside from a blog.

The goal of MAP is to connect the dots between having great content and actually making money from it. Most students do this with a blog and driving traffic to build an email list, and sell things. Some students rely solely on social media for their content and traffic.


And now earns passive income every month.

How Andrea Used Her Blog To Launch Her Membership
Andrea is a long-time blogger and social media strategist. And while she knew what she was doing – like many of my clients – she struggled to connect the dots between her blog AND a meaningful income.

Watch her story and learn what shifts she made to leverage her blog to launch her successful membership!

Hi, I'm Alison.

I’ve been a digital marketing strategist since 2012, but after my husband got laid off in 2017, I knew it was time for me to start making money for my family instead of other people.

Entrepreneur pro-tip: No one will ever pay you what you’re worth, or what you would pay yourself.

After my start in coaching when I found myself in a niche that wasn’t the best fit culturally, I wondered…

Can I make money with this blog I’ve had for years?

Within 30 days, I was making a small, but consistent income. And it picked up quickly from there.


  • Built my blog from zero to 5,000 page views per month in 2 months (Up to 60k)
  • Grew my Pinterest reach from 0 to 200,000 impressions in less than 30 days (Up to 900k)
  • Generated consistent income with my personal blog every month after only 3 months
  • Grew my personal email list from 0 to 2,300 (for free)
  • Taught real estate agents across the country how to build trust online
  • Helped a company get over 200 deals per year using authority marketing
  • Helped another double their business in a year
  • Launched my successful Digital Marketing QuickStart program, making $1500 in 3 days
  • It all started with massive, imperfect action… AND prioritizing money making tasks.

I want to show you how to do the same thing.