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Grow your income more reliably

With More Ease & Less Stress By Creating, Selling and Eventually Scaling Your Own Offers

"I have no idea what to sell"

- Said a lot of us at one point or another as online entrepreneurs...

For as inspired and talented as you are, this is where you get stuck over and over again.

What should I sell?

Who would buy it?

Why would they buy it?

And I totally get it! Because even at consistent $20k to $40k months, I still sometimes waivered in my confidence.

That’s why I wanted to make a simple and super actionable resource for you (and me) to get off your bum and sell more things, more often…

NOTE #1: I don’t believe in the “spaghetti approach to marketing:

(The spaghetti approach is where you haphazardly throw ideas at the wall and see what sticks.)

The problem with the spaghetti approach is the assumption that MANY things you do will fail. 

This doesn’t have to be the case, and with some market research you can waste less of that precious spaghetti!

NOTE #2: Consistency beats skill.

That said:

It IS true that not every idea you have will knock it out of the park.

Sometimes a launch will do amazingly and surprise you.

Sometimes your offer is going to be a little lack luster.

But the most important thing?

Is that you keep going. You keep serving. You keep delivering. You keep changing lives.

And if you’re don’t quit, you can’t fail.

That means: you probably need to do multiple launches before you have your first mega-winner.

But HOW do you keep going if...

...You’re constantly doubting yourself or if you had an idea that didn’t do well?

If you pour too much energy into building something people don’t buy, it’s harder to keep going.

Welcome To

My actionable course to give you the ideas AND outlines you need to help you sell original stuff more consistently.

Here's What You Get:

Why Do You Need This?

The great part about this mini course is that I’m teaching you how to put together something to sell with no paid tools.

AND giving you simple offer ideas.

This is the course you’ve been looking for to simplify the process of selling your expertise more consistently in order to change lives.

(If you are in the Worthy of Wealth mastermind, you get this course and all my courses for free.)

Massive Value in A Tiny Course

What You Get When You Buy "Fast Offer Frameworks"

To begin, I brainstormed eight ideas that content creators and creative experts can sell. These are ideas I recommend often in the Monetization Accelerator Program (Buy MAP To Get Fast Offer Frameworks free).

Many times our launches fail because we aren’t clear on how they help people. Generic messaging won’t cut it. This brief workbook will help you make sure your audience cares about what you have to say.

A few months ago, I saw Toni Hammer, Instagram expert and clarity coach, send people to a sales pages that was created in Google Docs. I thought this was genius & translated the template I use into a Google doc. This means you can create a sales page without a site or any paid tools. 

I’ll show you how to use paypal as your payment processor without needing any other cart tools, and I’ll show you how to use my NEW, favorite payment processor.

Full Price: $597

Today: Only $97

Who Is This Course For?

Sell What You Know

This course is for anyone who sells any kind of knowledge or information. Or for artisans and product creators interested in selling tutorials and information. Bloggers, coaches, consultants, etc.

Hi, I'm Alison.

I’ve been marketing online since 2011 and have always had some kind of side hustle to increase my income. Even as a high performer in my career, I was underpaid for my work and thought: one day, after doing this long enough, someone will pay me what I’m worth. 

Then one day I finally learned: no one will pay you as much as you will pay yourself. (Quote: Amanda Francis)

Then in 2017 when my husband got laid off, I finally realized I couldn’t live this way anymore. I got serious about creating  a business where I could have full control over making more money. 

But it wasn’t easy. 

Without guidance, I over-spent, floundered in constant pivoting and indecision, and worked way too much.

The first thing that finally changed the game for me was investing in a 1:1 coach. 

The next was getting really clear on what to sell, then how to sell it.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I access the course? You can access the course platform immediately, and content will be added within a few days. 

What is the refund policy? If you do not access the course content, you can have a refund within 72 hours of purchasing the course. If you access course content, no refunds will be issued. This is due to the nature of digital content. Thank you for understanding. 

What results can I expect? You can expect to have more ideas for things to sell! And a quick and easy strategy for your messaging, and collecting payment.