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Stop Procrastinating On Your Goals and Feeling Powerless To Tech, And Start Feeling Empowered and Accomplished When We Build Your Site In Two Weeks or Less!


Hiring Developers Is One of the most disempowering things you can do as a newer online entrepreneur

I Believe People Should Learn Before Outsourcing

...But why?

Because developers are often expensive, and many of the changes you will need to make to your site will be minor.

This doesn't mean you need to do everything in your business forever. In fact, I encourage you to outsource!

But for websites, copywriting and Facebook ads, you should learn how to do it on your own first so you can feel empowered when you hire others, and always feel in control of your business.


Maybe You Feel Like I used To And...

And maybe you want this instead...

This is all my reality, and the reality of the content creators I work with. And you CAN have this too.

This is exactly what you get with my done-with-you website system

Hi there! I'm Alison.

My unique approach to innovating on existing knowledge, tapping into hidden profits and finding methods that work for ME regardless of what others say – has been the gateway to my own personal and repeated business transformation by harnessing my intuition to create success.

In short: I connect the dots from your ideas to actually making money – once and for all.

My minimalist approach to growing businesses for content creators has been proven to help bloggers and influencers not only often accelerate short term success, but more importantly: empower them to continue elevating even after working together.  

I’ve been blogging since 2011, managing corporate marketing since 2012, coaching since 2017, and in 2020 I sold my first blog. I created the Done With You Website System as a streamlined way to get your site up and running ASAP.

Let's Build Your Website Together

Step 1: Discovery

I’ll get to know you a bit, and understand the purpose of your website and project.

  • What is your niche
  • How will you use the website
  • What are some examples of websites you like
  • Minimalist brand planning
  • Creating a shared Pinterest board

Step 2: Foundations

I have recommendations for hosting and for your domain, but you can choose whatever tools you want. In this step we will…

  • Choose and purchase hosting
  • Choose and purchase your domain
  • Decide on the menu structure
  • Get the bare bones site created
  • Write copy for your basic pages 

Step 3: Coaching Sessions

This is the meat of the system! We will meet weekly for 2 months to build your website together.

  • Create your basic pages
  • Add relevant plugins
  • Set up your blog
  • Implement your menu
  • Implement copy and page layouts
  • Create an implement an opt-in and automation
  • Begin monetization strategies

Step 4: Support

We should completely finish the site in 4 sessions, and will spend the next 4 working on content, your opt-in, and anything else you want to work on.

  • If you have remaining things you want to do before you go live, you’ll have 2 weeks to wrap up
  • I’ll connect your domain and your hosting and take your site live
  • You can message me for 2 weeks with questions, and I’ll respond at least once a week

Technical Considerations

You will use a self hosted version of WordPress, not another tool like Squarespace or Wix. This is because WordPress will give you the most flexibility over time.

  • Self hosted WordPress will have a small monthly cost associated with it
  • I prefer to use simple free themes in combination with the Elementor page builder. This will give you unlimited flexibility and I’ll teach you how to use it
  • If there is a theme you prefer or have purchased, I will do my best to help you implement it! But every theme is different, and if you choose a theme I did not suggest, you will have to watch your theme’s tutorials

Only $4400 (start for $933)


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