Need to Recenter And Get Back Into "Alignment" When You're Freaking Out?

If you're Like Me, You Probably Want Some Of this...

Stop Spiraling.

You know that stress and mindset work is unavoidable, but you wish you didn’t totally freak out when a money worry came to mind.

Start slowing down.

It would feel AMAZING to be able to slow my mind down, and really trust in myself again.

Stop freezing.

You know there are times of push and pull, and that inspiration will cycle, but you wish you could stop becoming paralyzed by fear.

Start building resilience.

It would feel AMAZING to understand your nervous system, and how to identify what is happening and knowing it’s normal and won’t last forever.

Stop crashing.

You know entrepreneurship isn’t always rosy, but you’re tired of not enjoying life anymore, and constantly trying to prevent feelings of burnout or pre-burnout.

Start balancing.

It would feel AMAZING to experience more balance with your emotions and experiences, and avoid the low lows and buzzy highs and fear the other shoe will drop.

And I get it, I wanted those things too.

Mindset teachings, law of attraction and manifesting teach us that in order to have our dream life, we have to feel good.


You'll be told to focus on something else, write a gratitude list, go on a walk.

And those things are wonderful - but at the end of the day, if you don't know how to regulate your nervous system, then getting your mind to slow down can be really hard.

So: I want to share...

8+ Practical tools to get you get out of your head, and into your body, so you can find peace more consistently.

Who Am I And Why Does It Matter?

If you know me from my blog or social media, you may or may not know that I struggled with consistency in my business.

Sure: the money came in.

I had my first 5-figure month with a community of only 300 people, had my first $20,000 month just a few months later, and grew over 300% year over year for four consecutive years.

But, one of two things kept happening at each new level:

1. Crushing anxiety would eventually cause a drop in income
2. Expenses would keep me from getting ahead

In fact, after making over $260,000 in revenue one year, the following year I had to reduce my take home pay by two thirds because I didn’t feel safe with money.

To be honest: that’s just one of several cycles I had with money that kept me on the struggle bus.


Until one day, I Woke Up

After a couple months of terrible sales and unexpected expenses, I hit a bottom. I fell into a depression, and chose to ride the wave instead of fighting it.

And in the midst of my lowest spot: I started feeling gratitude.

I had an epiphany that I wasn’t a victim. I had the intuition that I actually had the answers all along, and ability to change my life.

And I finally took responsibility.

It wasn’t easy to admit.

And the best part (or the worst)

Getting out of these cycles had nothing to do with what I should DO…

…And it had everything to do with addressing who I AM.

Traditional mindset training tells us to change our thoughts, then we beat ourselves up when it doesn’t work. 

I'm Here to Tell You...

Traditional mindset falls short, and it’s not your fault.

Mindset work is great, but in my experience, it’s just the FIRST step to improving self belief. (And self belief is NOT optional when you’re scaling to 7-figures and beyond.)

When we first start an online business, we’re obsessed with “the how”.⁠

– How to build a site⁠
– How to write great content⁠
– How to become visible⁠
– How to monetize⁠
– How to grow⁠
– How to build funnels⁠

And it makes sense that we focus on these things, because while “mindset” is important, it doesn’t help much if we don’t also take the ACTION to reach the goals we’re striving for.⁠

But at some point we have to address “mindset”. Because if you don’t believe it will work = then it won’t.⁠

If you don’t address your mindset and self belief, then we tend to self sabotage and spin our wheels.⁠

But even after that, there’s a lot that “the gurus” didn’t tell me about up-leveling, and it might be because even THEY didn’t know how to verbalize it.⁠

✖️Sometimes saying more affirmations aren’t the answer.⁠
✖️Sometimes pushing through “the suck” doesn’t work.⁠
✖️Sometimes the data isn’t telling you the full story.⁠

And here’s the truth:⁠

“Mindset” work doesn’t always work, and it’s not your fault.⁠

…You NEED to know the action steps to do things.⁠
…You NEED to work on your mindset so you follow through.⁠

But as you grow and expand, there’s a deeper level of work you need to do.⁠

What's Inside Calm The Fck Down Frameworks

8+ Practical Tools To Get You Get Out Of Your Head, And Into Your Body, So You Can Find Peace More Consistently.​

Slow Down

Slow down at any time, even if your mind is spiraling


Leverage creativity and playfulness to tap into the subconscious

Nervous System Itentification

Identify what's happening in your nervous system, leverage it to work for you, and become more resilient

Move Stuck Energy

Move when you feel stuck or paralyzed, even if you don't know the answer or next steps

Emotional Balancing

Balance the bad and the good better, so you're not overwhelmed by high highs and low lows

Meet Needs

Meet your own needs or get effective support from others - instead of running on empty, or feeling stressed and sad about being last on the list

Create Your Dream Life

Use visualizing and meditation to get clear on seeing and creating your dream life, AND learn when to use one or the other


Stop feeling guilty about receiving

How We Will Do This

Eight+ Modules

Eight+ training modules explaining each tool in detail, and giving tips and tricks for practicing each tool and when to use it.


Each module will have one or more worksheets with journaling and other exercises so you can integrate.

Bonus Resources

Additional resources for each tool, such as YouTube playlists, Spotify playlists, additional articles and more.

Private Community

Commiserate with other colleagues during the program in a temporary popup group. Use this group for accountability, sharing insights, and asking questions.

I'm So Excited About This For you

What Some Clients Have To Say

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long is the commitment

The program will be dripped over 8 weeks or shorter, with 4 live calls available for lifetime replay. You can complete the modules or repeat them as often and as fast or slow as you want.

What if I can't make it to calls

Since future sales of this program will be the replays of these live videos, you'll be able to get the full value of the program whether or not you can attend any of the live trainings.

What support is available

You will be able to access the private community in between the live training calls.

What does This Include

Eight trainings, a minimum of eight pieces of content for action items and integration, lifetime access and a private popup community.

When will I get content?

The content will be created live each week starting in August, 2022 and will be complete by the end of September 2022.

Will This Really Work?

Once the content is complete and you have fully practiced it for 2 months: if you do not find a reduction in your anxiety in your business, we will offer a refund. See details below!

Refund Policy

You MUST fulfill the following requirements to be eligible, no exceptions. This refund applies to lack of results from who purchased and take action. 1) Complete all modules. 2) Practice daily for a minimum of two months (expect 10 minutes a day or so, this isn't a big time commitment). 3) If you feel no change at all in how you feel, email us for a refund. You'll have to provide completed homework, and some proof of your action over the two months.

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