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As You're Wrapping Up Another 12-Hour Day & Not Much to Show For It: Do You Find Yourself Asking...

"Why Am I Working So Hard Creating Content And Posting Constantly, But Still Feel Stuck And Broke?"

If you're struggling to get past $1,000 months, despite being overwhelmed, and you’re starting to suspect there's a better way to grow your blog income...

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Discover Your Unique Value

Exactly how to make your content stand out and make it share-worthy, instead of feeling lost in a crowded sea with similar topics, wondering how you'll get ahead

Automate Your Community & Email List

What comes next after creating great content to make sure you’re intentionally growing a community of people who will buy from you, instead of feeling like you're working for nothing.

Master Sales & Marketing

Create a solid game plan for sharing your offers with your audience, so people actually buy from you, and make a reliable passive income with ads and affiliates by choosing them intentionally.

Increase Or Stabilize Traffic & Visibility

Create a solid game plan for sharing your offers with your audience, so people actually buy from you, and how to consistently get seen.

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Clients Who Used This Framework...

Dawn Became An Inclusive Fashion Consultant

Desiree sold spiritual Education courses

desire ehausam

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Meet The Speaker

Blogging Since 2011. Coaching Since 2017.

I’m a blogger, business coach and marketing expert that helps entrepreneurs make more money online. After 9 years as a marketing professional in leadership, I realized how frustrating it was to grow my own business’s income through my blog…even though I’d done it for multi-million dollar companies!

After I connected those dots, I began teaching others, and now I want to help you move towards the freedom I created for myself using blogs.

I created this Masterclass to show you a streamlined way to teach you how to make money more reliably with your blog.

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