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  3. How to repeat this income attraction on autopilot, so you can finally create the life you dreamed of when you first started your business. 

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Meet The Speaker,
Alison Reeves

If you know me from my blog or social media, you may or may not know that I struggled with consistency in my business.

Sure: the money came in.

I had my first 5-figure month with a community of only 300 people, had my first $20,000 month just a few months later, and grew over 200% year over year for four consecutive years.

But, one of two things kept happening at each new level:

1. Crushing anxiety would eventually cause a drop in income
2. Expenses would keep me from getting ahead

In fact, after making over $260,000 in revenue one year, the following year I had to reduce my take home pay by two thirds because of increased expenses and lower sales.

But one day: I WOKE UP.

Getting out of these cycles had nothing to do with what I should DO…

…And it had everything to do with addressing who I AM.

Traditional mindset training tells us to change our thoughts, then we beat ourselves up when it doesn’t work. 

Mindset work is great, but in my experience, it’s just the FIRST step to improving self belief. (And self belief is NOT optional when you’re scaling to 7-figures and beyond.)

✖️Sometimes saying more affirmations aren’t the answer.⁠
✖️Sometimes pushing through “the suck” doesn’t work.⁠
✖️Sometimes the data isn’t telling you the full story.⁠

In this free training, you’ll learn why, and what to do about it.

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