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I started where you Might be now

20 years ago I was a suburban girl growing up and was told if I wanted to go to college, I’d have to figure the process & finances out on my own. 

11 years ago, I created my first blog to try to sell acrylic paintings I started making after my dad suddenly passed away. 

5 years ago my husband was laid off unexpectedly when we were already struggling financially, and I got fed up enough to take some giant, scary action. 

4 years ago, I finally figured out how to profit in my own business & increase my income in a way that felt aligned.

2 years ago I quit my job as a marketing director to work on my own business full time after clearing several $10k+ months. 

Today, I’m a multiple 6-figure business coach and marketer who has increased her revenue by an average of 250% every year from 2017 to 2021. 

And now, I’m even more obsessed than I was before with helping more women find their voice, grow their business and heckin’ AMAZE themselves and achieve their wildest dreams.  

I’m proud to be a heart-centered influence on women and guide them into doing something brave with their life and their career.

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2011: Started My First Blog
In 2011, I started my first blog after my dad suddenly passed away to get visibility for my acrylic paintings, and to write about my artwork and my original songs and song lyrics.
2012: Began Website Development
In 2012, my employers saw my blog, and promoted me to website content administrator. I was underqualified, but taught myself HTML and CSS, built them a new 200 page website with their re-brand, and started a blog and a YouTube channel for them.
2013: SEO, Content Development & Local Events
In 2013, I changed jobs to work for a company where I could focus all my efforts on marketing and social media. I got certified in SEO, and began dabbling in paid ads as well as organized events of up to over 400 people. This local company grew from 100 to 300 deals per year, and many of the articles I wrote from 2013-2015 still rank #1 on Google.
2016: SASS Company, Paid Traffic, JV Partnerships & Team Building
In 2015, I changed jobs to work for an ambitious and growing web based service company for real estate investors. I helped them go from 16 US markets to Nationwide in 6 months by leveraging paid ads, and doubled their business in a year. We used joint venture partnerships (rather than affiliates) to generate an additional $40,000 per month organically. I also launched a successful and robust internship program for the marketing department, where we got to give back locally and train talented and green college students.
2017: Started Coaching & Building Webinar Funnels
In 2017 after my husband was unexpectedly laid off from a company that begged him to join them, I decided I was tired of being 20%+ underpaid market value while helping 6,7,&8 figure businesses grow. I wanted to do for myself what I was proud to have done for others. I started studying for my real estate license, but ultimately ended up starting a marketing coaching business for real estate agents. I sold $4400 packages via a webinar funnel.
2018: Turned My Focus Back To My Blog
In 2018, I was burning out from ad costs and high ticket sales that didn't feel aligned. I decided to turn towards the blog I'd started in 0211 and try to make more money with it. It took 2 months to start earning ad revenue, 3 or 4 to start making affiliate income, and within 8 months I had my first $1,000 month. Soon after I qualified for Mediavine, and scaled the income more reliably by selling my own courses.
2019: I Pivoted My Coaching Business
In 2019, I pivoted my coaching business to focus on coaching women entrepreneurs and stopped focusing on real estate and real estate investing. I had my first 5-figure month ($14,000) when my group was only 300 people, and created my first group program in October when I realized most of my 1:1 clients that year were bloggers.
2020: Quit My Job (Before COVID), Started Scaling, & Sold a Blog
In 2020, I finally quit my full time job that had become part time, and decided to focus on blogging and business coaching full time. I sold the blog I created in 2011 and started growing in 2018, realizing I wasn't passionate about it anymore, and had a growing list of people who would rarely hear from me. I sold the blog for more than I'd made in my first two full time jobs in my career.

Growth Encouragement

Before attending college, I traveled to Kenya and Mexico to teach music and English.

I learned the importance of being flexible and how to push through discomfort when things weren’t anything like I was used to.

Today, I use these learnings to help support my clients when they’re facing uncomfortable action and growth.

Income Stacking

Later, working 4 years as an executive assistant to three demanding VPs taught me how to multitask and the importance of keeping several plates spinning at the same time.

As an entrepreneur and coach, I use these skills to help myself and my clients stack their income creatively with multiple income streams.

Creative Implementation

After being a marketing director of an ambitious web based service company, I became an expert at DIY tech solutions so my team could reach their goals.

As a coach, I make sure that implementation is never a barrier to making money.

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