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The Starter Bundle For Bloggers & Content Creators ready to increase their income by selling courses, services or coaching

Trust the right mentors with this EASY process to know EXACTLY how to make your blog stand out and attract buyers, with this mini course, training and strategy session (limited time bonus), where you’ll actually implement.

Most blogs fail not because their content is poor or because they don’t have a unique voice. They fail simply because no-one ever finds them.

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Can you relate to any of these challenges bloggers & content creators I've coached experienced as they tried to market their business online?

And is it possible that you're...

…this close to quitting? Writing post after post or buying course after course, trying monetization efforts that aren’t panning out like you thought — all with little or nothing to show for it.
hannah stewart myfamilydinner

I had a blog I was proud of, but wasn't sure what to sell. Working with the framework, I created something to sell on my blog, and also stacked my income with a service-based offer. I just had my first $1,000 month!

Hannah Stewart, MyFamilyDinner.com

Finally having clarity, confidence & direction is exciting.

Imagine what your life would be like if you...

  • EXACTLY how to make your blog stand out and make it share-worthy, instead of feeling lost in a crowded sea with similar topics, wondering how you’ll get ahead
  • What comes next after writing great content to make sure you’re intentionally growing a community of people who will buy from you, instead of feeling like you’re working for nothing
  • A solid game plan for sharing your offers with your audience so people actually buy, because one email or blog post isn’t going to cut it
  • How to wake up every day with your engaged community on social media excitedly signing up for your email list so you could always stay in front of them

That's exactly what you get In This 2-Hour training & Mini Course Bundle...

Introducing The

"6-Figure Course Sales" Starter Bundle For Bloggers

The on-demand replay of a 2-Hour Business Accelerator for content creators that have some wins, but want more dollars to show for it.

Through this unique workshop and course curriculum, you'll learn key growth secrets and learn from experienced bloggers who have been where you are. You'll learn how to apply these growth secrets and get the focus you've been looking for. Perfect for bloggers ready to stop settling, and start selling things that actually feel worth it.

Instant access to mini course and pre-work.

Gain instant access to the 6-Figure Blogger Starter Bundle, where you’ll get a list of 8 ideas of things to sell, messaging mastery in regards to how to get people to actually buy, as well as powerful yet SIMPLE market research to validate your ideas.

Live coaching and feedback.

Complete the mini course, watch the live training replay, and then book a 1:1 income strategy session to ask questions about what you learned and how you might apply it. Learn the entire 4-step framework for a money making blog – because the starter bundle is just a piece of the puzzle! 

Actionable results in 48 hours.

This isn’t a course you’ll leave on the shelf and forget about. Between the 6-figure blogger starter bundle and the live event, you’ll leave with more clarity and direction than you’ve ever had with your blog or social media following before. 

Starter Bundle Curriculum

Massive Value In the Curriculum + LIVE Event

Foolproof Offer Ideas

Stop Google’ing endless blog posts, and learn 8 ideas of simple things that provide a ton of value without a ton of time.

Holistic Market Research

Have you tried market research and <<crickets>>. Learn our holistic market research methods to help validatr your ideas without making things weird on social media.

4 Step Framework & Action Guide

Watch the replay of a live event to learn the proven 4-step framework for a money making blog – event if you’ve purchased other courses or tried other methods that didn’t work. Download the action guide to make sure you actually use what you learn.

Sales Messaging Guidelines

Learn why people buy things, and how to make sure your ideas pass the test for marketability.

Get Paid Mini Training

Learn the basics of connecting the thing you’re selling to a payment tool to make sure 1) the offer gets delivered to the buyer and 2) the payment for the offer gets delivered to you!

Realistic Case Studies

Learn about content creators – just like you – who utilized the 4-step framework in various blog niches to get their income unstuck and amaze themselves.

Special Bonus #1:

Income Strategy Call (Expires in 48 Hours)

After you complete the mini course and watch the video training, hop on an income strategy call, and get feedback based on the work you did during the event, and learn what your next steps should be. 

Special Bonus #2:

6-Figure Mindset Training

Learn the the limiting belief framework that might be keeping you from making more progress in your business, and address it with practical steps you can consistently follow.

With all this exclusive content, curriculum, and live expert coaching, we could easily charge $4,000, but you can...

Get It For Only $44

The Curriculum Includes:

  • Fool proof offer ideas for beginners: $199 Value
  • Sales messaging guidelines: $199 Value
  • Holistic market research: $199 Value
  • Get Paid mini training: $199 Value
  • Income strategy call: $499 Value

The Training Video Includes:

  • 4-step framework for a money-making blog: $499
  • Action guide: $199
  • Case studies for multiple niches: $399 Value

$2,392 Value

Get It For Only $44

attaliah strubel

My Instagram account was growing and I sold some things here and there, but I had no idea what to sell or how to sell it to make enough money to leave my nursing job. I was able to figure out what to sell, and create a strategic way to sell it, and replaced my nursing income in a few months,

Attaliah Strubel, Attaliahstrubel.com

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1:1 Income Strategy Call Expires In...​


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I’m a blogger, business coach and marketing expert that helps entrepreneurs make more money online. After 9 years as a marketing professional in leadership, I realized how frustrating it was to grow my own business’s income through my blog…even though I’d done it for multi-million dollar companies!

After I connected those dots, I began teaching others, and now I want to help you move towards the freedom I created for myself using blogs.

I created this Masterclass to show you a streamlined way to teach you how to make money more reliably with your blog.