I help bloggers, coaches and entrepreneurs in a variety of ways.

Work With Me

60-Minute Intensive

An intensive consists of a 90-minute video session where we work through whatever the heck you want to work through. Common applications include: product launch planning, training such as for Pinterest, developing an overall content or sales strategy, or clarity around niche, etc. Price: $397 More Info

One-On-One Coaching

One-on-one coaching is my absolute favorite way to work with people. I thrive within this collaborative relationship and the deep transformation is provides clients. We meet weekly or biweekly for 30-minute video sessions. Some calls will be strategic, some calls will be teaching very specific tech, tools and planning. 1:1 clients also get unlimited access to me via voice and text. THAT is where some of the real magic happens. Price: $1333 per month  More info

Courses & Group Programs

Courses and group programs are a great way to provide more affordable support for entrepreneurs who need a less hands on approach. I frequently launch new courses at various prices. One-on-one clients get access to every course or program I launch while they are clients with me. Price: Varies More info